Hi all! We are so excited that Maple will be reaching her 1 year birthday this coming Sunday! Yay! She is so entertaining and makes us laugh all the time. My question is, when will she start acting like a grown doggy? When will her puppy characteristics fade? I like it when she is playful, however, others may not like it so much. Kinda wondering when she will calm down a little bit lol. Also, wondering when she is going to be fully grown in size. She is about 27 lbs now.


Your thoughts, please! =)

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 Maple probably is done growing height and lengthwise but her chest will still mature some. Sage is 16 months and is 23#'s but I expect that she will be about 2-3 #'s more fully grown. I don't think Corgis ever really grow out of the playful stage if they don't have to! Mine love to run and wrestle at 6 years and younger! Has she been to classes? That might help with her knowing when to play and when to act like a well behaved dog:)
She's probably pretty close to fully grown now, may grow a little more over the next 6 months. And she will probably calm down a bit by the time she hits 25 or so :-P
@ Melissa - LOL ... "maybe 25 or so." argghhh. I'm getting worried that Rafa is never going to outgrow his craaaazy ways. BTW, Franklin is so very beautiful. His markings are amazing and the red inside his ears. What a great boy.
Thank you! He is my first corgi and I absolutely adore him! He's just so darn cute! haha. He's 2 now and he has a wisdom about him where sometimes I forget he is so young, but then he will do some stupid thing like run full speed into the couch or something and then I remember he is still just a goofy young dog.

Like Jane and Melissa said, Corgis continue to develop a bit until 2 or 3 years old and some people feel our little friends are not fully mature until 4 years old.  For the tri-color corgis, it seems like their markings continue to evolve slowly for their whole life.  Gromit is 1 1/2 years old now and has settled down a good bit (stopped chewing everything) but he still loves to play and frap like he's 6 months old.


BTW, your friend Maple has very nice markings.  I like the distinct red/white break across her front.  Lovely girl!

I think our Chepstow (now 6) was born an adult anf Tenby (now 5) will never grow up.  Shhhhh.......to be honest Tenby is more fun!!!!
I love the name "Maple"!

Corgis mature on the schedule of a large breed dog, not a small one. 


Most dogs start to lose the puppy crazy as they approach two.  Most Corgis will stay energetic and playful, but they start to develop at least a little self control. 

Ahh, Beth. There's still hope for us. We just have to hang in there for another year or two.  ;)
Our trainer told us that Cosmo would be a great dog when he was 2 years old. At a little over 1 year, he's much better than when we brought him home at 6 months, so I look forward to the 2-year mark, but I also hope he maintains his silly, happy-go-lucky nature into adulthood. Stealing inappropriate objects is his favorite naughty-puppy thing, which I could live without. Cosmo is 27 pounds at 1 year, 3 months. Our vet thought he was just about perfect in mass and muscle.
Yep...she will stop growing...but she will never grow up...sorry!

Thanks everyone for the tips! I hope she will remain fun loving and playful. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to have a corgi...


Thanks for the compliments as well! All your lil' friends are so adorable!! =)


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