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Lessons From Redecorating

Here is what I learned from yesterday's interior painting...1.) Oil based paint fumes are toxic to animals. I thought I would have to take Amy to the emergency vet with neurological and emotional distress. 2.) The burners on your gas stove burn the paint fumes and turn them into something that smells like kerosene and makes you think you are about to die. 3.) Corgis are like furry cockroaches and none of the above…


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Twinkie was not amused...

So Hubby has started this thing with Logan that whenever we are getting ice out of the frig door Logan comes over for an ice cube.  Hubby tells Logan they are "popsicles".  Logan likes them even even though they are plain-flavored.  Last night Twinkie saw the commotion at the frig and got in line for a popsicle.   Logan got his and ran off with his treat.  Twinkie got hers, put it down at my feet and looked at me and said (telepathically), "This is NOT a popsicle.  It is an icecube,  What…


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He turns 1 today!!

Today (Well yesterday but I like to celebrate the dogs' birthday on other holidays so they are easy to remember. The two-legged kids won't let me do that.) is Logan's first birthday!  The carrot/peanut butter cake is made and he might get a trip to Petsmart later.  Look for more pictures…


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Groupon Featuring Corgi Print

One of the Groupon  deals today in Atlanta is 16X20 gallery-wrapped retro art print from Imagekind.  One of the prints is called "Corgi Coffee."  To the see selection scroll down to the bottom of the "what you get" box.  

These are pretty cute but I just got the bill for framing my latest corgi art purchases and I have been cute off.  Enjoy!

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Mrs. Brown's Dog

Mrs.Brown's dog is very old and unwell. The kids are trying to figure out a way to tell her that its time to put the dog down. Very funny. Click to watch. …


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Help Me With A Mother's Day Gift

A gift for me that is!  I want one of these pillows from Red Envelope for Mother's Day but I don't know what to put on the second line.

I want the red pillow for a place of prominence on a black leather chair in our living room. The first line will say "TWINKIE".  And I think the second line should say something about how…


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Funny Pictures

Someone sent this around on that other, large social network site but I thought you all would enjoy it.  You  will have to get all the way to the end for the big pay off.

PS-Who knew bunnies were such a-holes?

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Logan Gets Snipped Today!

Baby boy was just dropped off for his procedure.   I was feeling very guilty as I prepared to leave him at the vet BUT then he whizzed on a pillar in their office.  Way to strengthen my resolve Logi!  The very worst part?  Not feeding the gang this morning.  Twinkie and Logan were looking at me like I had lost my mind while I was making breakfast for my son.  What did they get?  Nothing!  Everyone who knows anything knows that corgis need their noms or will die of starvation within the hour!…


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Finally Microchipped

I have finally gotten the gang all microchipped!  I had written a few months ago that I didn't think I could afford it as I thought there was an annual fee attached to each chip and with three dogs, it was too much for me to pay.  Thanks everyone for setting me straight.  Another big thanks needs to go to a friend who gave me a heads up to a daily deal site that offered half price on microchipping through the local ASPCA.  I was able to get vouchers for all three dogs to get chips for…


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You Might Be A Corgi Owner If...

You have to leave notes like this...

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I find myself just sick with sadness today.  I woke up and checked Facebook and saw that two friends are trying to find homes for abandoned dogs they have found.  The past few week have been full of similar posts on numerous sites I follow.  To top if it off, some one posted a picture of a dog with the upper part of its face blown off.  It was the result of kids putting a high-powered fire cracker in it's mouth!!  I can never unsee that image and I have been thinking about it all day.  I…


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Twinkie's new song.

I looked out into the backyard this morning and way in the back I saw Twinkie just sitting there.  Right in front of her was Logan, laying on his back being very still.  I imagined a scene where Twinkie came in, without Logan, and I asked where he was.  When she broke into song, here is what she would sing... go to kill the puppy

Puppies bark



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Known Criminal Might Be In Your Area

This is a picture of a known vandal.  This criminal is responsible for acts of destruction in our area.  Please be on the lookout for him in gardens, flower beds and other important landscaping. This  perp is so despicable that he has been known to vandalize flower pots!  If you see anyone fitting this description please smack them on the nose with a rolled up newpaper.…


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Something On My Mind

I have been thinking a lot about my attachment to lately. Did you know that I check in here before I check Facebook? That I cry sometimes because a member has to say goodbye to the corgi in their life whether it is due to death or changing fortunes. I am afraid to look at some of the posts of corgis needing home because it just is so painful. I chime in on everything because I just want the poster to know that someone is listening and cares. Why does the activity here affect me… Continue

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Help Urgently Needed In Missouri

Eddie and Princess are 7-8 years old, surrendered to a shelter in Hannibal, MO by their older owner who could no longer care for them. If you are interested, please contact ASAP. Princess: … Continue

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Corgi Art @

Maybe everyone else is aware of but its new to me. The website is a marketplace for artists and it is very cool. The coolest thing about it is the 12 pages of corgi art! I could really do some damage there. Just wanted to share.

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Corgi Cousins!

My human family and I went to our hometown of Junction City, Kansas last week. While there we got to spend time with two of Twinkie's relatives at my mom's house. Barbie and Tater both come from the same breeder in Wamego, Kansas were we got Twinkie. (You can see their pictures on our page.) They were our inspiration to get our own corgi and we had such a good time getting to know them better. Tater is a lot like Twinkie with lots of energy and not much time for hugs. Barbie, on the other hand,… Continue

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Danger On The Deck

I have been loving to read the posts by all of the members about their new puppies. I have been remembering the fun we had last year when we brought Twinkie home. I also remembered how we just avoided disaster when she fell from over 7 feet from our deck just a few days after her homecoming! Our deck is probably similar to most with the stairs being open at the back and of course the spaced railing at the top. Twinkie had ran up the stairs to catch her big sister who decided to stop and have a… Continue

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Scene of the crime

This morning my husband came in to our room and said, "I don't even know how to describe what happend in the playroom." What happened was one dog (of our three) had a terrible gastrointestinal episode in there overnight. Let's just say, it looked like someone dropped a whole lot of poop out of a plane into our playroom and then someone else had a fight with it! It was everywhere. On pillows, on gaming controllers, game cases and even on the front of the big, 42" projection TV the kids play Wii… Continue

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What to do with Twinkie

Ah, Twinkie is so lucky she's so cute. She was busted yesterday eating the leaves off my strawberry plants. I can only assume she is also the culprit in the case of the missing strawberries. She is also digging through the patio pots for rocks and has started a nice collection. I can put them back and she gets them back out and starts a little pile right in front of herself. This is a dog that needs a hobby...a different hobby.

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