How many people can relate to this?. We have moved to a rural property and went to a local vet Whom I did not like and Paul said I was being paranoid!. I have never in all of Oscar's years seen him act like this with a vet I have used the same vet clinic for nearly 30 years and Oscar has never had a problem with any of the vets he actually likes going to the vet!. Paul made a comment the other day that surprised me! He stated he didn't like the vet and that we should find another one! I nearly fell over. Animals have great instincts about people I always say read your dog they are a great judge of character!. What are your thoughts on this?. 

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Comment by Jane Christensen on October 4, 2013 at 9:00am

Wynn very rarely dislikes anyone so if he does...there is a reason. Even at the vet he prances in (he thinks he should be a "greeter") it's only when he has to go on the table that he starts to not like the vet and is fine again after. Sometimes for easy things my vets have them stay on the floor or cover the table with a towel and this does help.

Comment by David on October 4, 2013 at 2:42am

I trust my Corgi's judgement as well, but they have not met anyone they do not like.

Comment by Holly on October 4, 2013 at 12:16am

I also live in a rural area with only one vet. None of the animal owners in town recommended that practice. My problem was complicated by the fact that I have to use the para-transit system which doesn't go to every town. The one vet everyone loved is too far from me. There is an animal hospital in the next town but the word on that was that everyone was waiting for the very grumpy old man to retire. Luckily for me the "Old Doc" as he was often called, retired and sold his practice a month before I got Sully.

I took a chance and scheduled a visit with the new, young female vet who turned out to be extremely compassionate, incredibly patient and calm. I would have stayed with her even if Sully didn't like her since I had clear evidence that she was good and gentle. I could help Sully adjust to essential treatments, but I could never trust someone with my pet if I didn't trust them myself. I totally understand your concern, especially since it costs so much for vet services and it can be anxiety provoking along with the price if you have a sick pet.


Comment by Jane Christensen on October 2, 2013 at 9:37pm
Our vet office had a very nice woman vet. I liked her but after a couple times of seeing her I asked for the other vets to see my dogs. I didn't feel comfortable with her as a vet...she was fresh out of schooll and needed more my opinion. We pay for a service and need to feel ok with the care.:
Comment by Chris Payerl on October 2, 2013 at 8:17pm
If you and Oscar are not comfortable with that vet, then you will have a difficult time establishing a good working relationship. Shop around if you have options. I could kick myself around the block that we stuck with our first vet with our first dog as long as we did. When she got terribly sick and we changed vets after being to just "take her home and let nature take its course," we were shocked to see what a difference in environment, treatment, and compassion there was.
Comment by Linda on October 2, 2013 at 3:06pm

I have to agree with Anna.  I will trust my dogs' judgement when it comes to a person, they can sense things we can't but when it comes to the vet....I have to use my judgement.  Not one of mine, dogs or cats, like the vets I go to yet I have been going there for 33 years because I trust them.  I like the way they treat my animals. their knowledge and they way they treat me.  I can ask any questions no matter how stupid they may be and get an answer.  They are honest with me when it comes to end of life issues and go out of their way to help me feel better about a decision none of us want to make.

Comment by Anna Morelli on October 2, 2013 at 11:23am

I'd say yes and no.... Yes, most dogs are very good judges of people, in the sense that, if they generally like people and don't like one particular person, that would be a red flag to me.  No in the sense that, in the case of a Vet, they are not good judges of competence, which is even more important than likeability.  I have seen totally incompetent Vets have a booming practice because they truly liked animals and related well to the owners, who did not know enough to question their judgement.

I currently have a Vet, in the area we travel to,  who is quite gruff and does not like much to be questioned.  I considered looking for another Vet, but he really knows his stuff and has excellent credentials, as do the others in his practice, so I gave him a few chances.  He is now warming up to us.....

I'm not suggesting you stay with a Vet you don't feel comfortable with, just that there is more to it than likeability. If you can get both, great!  If your choices are limited, pick someone knowledgeable.  It is not a given....

Comment by Jane Christensen on October 2, 2013 at 10:29am

I always trust Wynn's judgment in people...I'd go with whatever your dog is telling you:)

Comment by Rebecca Marie O'Bryan on October 2, 2013 at 9:16am

just sunday i had the same things happen. when i lived in AR i had taken baden to the vet i was working for since he was 8weeks old (hes almost two) and i NEVER seen him scared or anything. he loved going to work with me! but since we moved we had no choice and he had to see the vet on Sunday and he did not like her one bit and was so scared. he never tried to bite but he would growl at her and was shaking. i didnt like her either. she was extremely rude and tried to say baden has anxiety problems and i can say for sure he dosnt. i will never go back there.

trust how your animal feels. if he is uncomfortable then i would find someone who can make Oscar feel good about being at the vet

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