What does your corgi get his/her mouth on that they shouldn't??

Is there something that your corgi constantly goes after that they REALLY shouldn't?? Blaze will grab WHATEVER just so I will chase him to get it back, until I learned to just act bored and play with one of HIS toys until he drops the pen, shoe, hammer, whatever. . .but Blaze seems to have a severe weakness for BRAS and dryer sheets (he loves to shred both). He will actually stick his head in the dryer to steal the dryer sheet. I suppose I should start listening to my boyfriend and put these things out of Blaze's reach. . .:)

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I hate to say it, but maybe a muzzle while walking (with I Eat Rocks written on the side so they know he doesn't bite). It would be cheaper than $2000.
haahaa you know what is super funny, we TOTALLY did that. Basket muzzle with an "I eat rocks" t-shirt! haha. I have managed to curb the rock obsession and focus on pinecones and magnolia tree seed pods which are huge so he will play with them and we have been rock free for a while
SOCKS!! Goldie is crazy about them! We just brought her home and mum was doing the laundry. She was sitting there chewing her new toys then suddenly She stole a sock!!!!! Hahhahaaa! Now ever since we have pairs of socks missing......I wonder where her stash is =P
   Loki loves to chew up pencils.
So we learned real fast to not leave
 them in reach even if it's just for a second.     Another thing he loves is toilet paper.
He will pull it all through the house.
   Other then that he sticks to his toys and
anything paper in my daughters bedroom.
His loves to chew up her  stuff for some
Morgan ate 1/2 of a 20$ bill this week, it was for the dog walker and it fell off the table. Thankfully the bank took the bits and the large chunk and gave us a new one.
Einy loves post-its or paper with any kind of glue on it. Regular paper is boring to him, but if there is glue you better make sure its above knee height or its his!
Leia enjoys shoes, socks, and underwear. Caught her running around the house a few days ago with a pair of mine around her neck. She had a sock in her mouth then too. What a picture! Shoes she will actually chew, socks she likes to hide from us. Underwear...well, she just like to lay on it, or under it. Laundry day is the best day of the week for her. She will bring as many toys as she can in and bury them in the different loads of laundry. We think she's trading us her toys for our socks and underwear! "You take this plush pink pig and I'll take this blue pair of boxers!" Rolling my eyes...
Occasionally...Riley grabs a used fabric softner sheet that I have accidentally dropped on the floor. And then the game begins !!!! Thank goodness he just shreds them and doesn't eat them, however, the potential to swallow is there!
What it is about dryer sheets? Tegan will grab it (and she has supersonic hearing -- how does she hear it drop in the laundry room when she's 20 feet away??) and then she gives us "The Look" out of the corner of her eye and then takes off running! And she'll pull socks out of the laundry basket, and kleenex, paper towels and napkins are shredded before you blink.
Loki loves to chew up pencils and markers.
 One night we went to the high school
football game to watch my son in the band.
When we came home there was a bright red
marker all over our new carpet.
The first thing my husband and I yelled
was "ANNA" she is our 12 yrs old daughter.
We all know how messy 12yrs old girls
keep there room. Well anyway.
We were right it was from Anna's room.
Alright! There was also a green and
purple marker that Loki got a hold of
but didn't make as much of a mess with.
We got lucky the markers were all washable
    He will chew up just about anything
that belongs to my daughter Anna.
  Also any kind of paper.
My mom's corgi/doxi mix,Trudi, used to rummage through the compost heap and would eat wooden clothes pins and MY underwear every time we put her on a diet. She also learned to open doors and push stools to get to whatever she wants. I lost 2 gerbils that way.
Carly is a sock thief.... i have finally got her to stop going to the garbage in the bathroom and finding the empty toliet paper rolls and shredding them... finally, i yell leave it an she cowers down and lays on the floor hahah but the socks are to tempting for her, she can not resist!!!


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