Hello all!!

My corgi puppy Harvey turned 5 months old today. At his last vet visit a week and a half ago he was 14.1lbs. He seems to be pretty small, I was wondering if he is still going to grow anymore? I would think as they near 6 months they slowly stop growing.

His mom was considered small for breed standards, as I was told by Breeder. The Dad was short but very stocky looking. The Paternal Grandfather looked taller and much bigger.

I don't have a problem with having a smaller corgi, just wondering if I should expect him to get any bigger?

Here is his picture, hope it worked! I just copy/pasted from Facebook.

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Pretty boy! I got my Gwen at 5 months. She didn't really gain much height but she did fill out some more.Her mother was very small I'd call her dad average, Though there are plenty of people who will give you a more knowlegable answer.

What a handsome boy you have! I would expect him to get bigger. I haven't seen many corgis that stopped growing at 5 months.

Corgis aren't considered adult dogs until they reach the age of 2!  So I imagine there continues to be growth and other changes until that time.  :)  However, I believe most corgis are completely done growing by age 1-1.5.  At 14.1 lbs, Harvey definitely has lots of weight left to put on, and no doubt some length or height. 

For reference, my Ellie is considered to be on the "small" side of the corgi scale (both in length and weight), and she finally stopped growing when she reached around 22 lbs.  Now, at 3 years old, she stays within the 21-23 lb range.

He is very handsome. Sage was a very slow grower:) She was still under 18# at 1 year. At 2 she finally hit 23# and now weighs 25 #'s at 4 years. That's why Corgi's are considered large breed dogs and even though they will have their height and length at a year it will take a full 2 years to mature. It's also important to feed large breed puppy food as they grow like one.

What a cutie!  Gizmo seemed to grow up until 1 year, maybe a bit more.  He's considered small, you can definitely see it when he's around other corgis.  He turned 2 last month and he's only around 22 pounds.  People who see him and are familiar with corgis assume he's still a young pup, but he's just a little guy.

My goodness, that's a handsome fellow! Who could gaze into that gorgeous face and not fall in love?

Will be interested to see how your experience goes. I've wondered the same about Ruby. She's a little over 6 1/2 months and nowhere near as tall as Cassie (age 7+ years)  and she only weighs about 15 pounds. Cassie's height and weight (23 pounds) have remained unchanged since I got her at the alleged age of 2 years.

But Ruby was pretty sick with the UTI that she apparently had when she showed up here at 8 weeks, or that developed shortly after she arrived. She just threw that off when she came down with projectile diarrhea and started losing weight instead of gaining. So I worry that her growth might have been stunted by those misadventures.

Beautiful markings!

awww. my corgi, oski, he's 5 months today and he's already 20 lbs. im not sure he's overweight or not.. here's the picture of him

How fine! :-)

He doesn't look overweight to me; he looks like a nice husky young male.

He is very cute:) With Corgis you have to actually rub your hands on their ribs...their should be a very small amount of muscle over the ribs but that you can easily feel them. There should also be right behind their rib cage an area that you can see it gets thinner. There is a diagram of this on my corgi...will try to find:)

is there any diagram of it? aww thank you. lemme know if you can find it. I've been feeding him with Wellness Core Puppy. I usually give him 2 cups a day. 1 cup in the morning and 1 cup in the evening. im just afraid he's overweight then it's hard to lose some weight

Corgis usually have most of their height and length by 6 months old or so, but will continue to fill out and gain weight for around 2 years.


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