I have a couple of questions for all of you. 

First, Tajar's breeder recommended we wait until he was 12 months old to have him neutered.  This was so he could develop fully especially given a Corgi's bone structure.  He is now 7 1/2 months old and acting out.  Last night at obedience class he bit me.  He began by humping my leg and then nipped my leg really hard.  He has been getting growley at home too, but never the humping or nipping.  She asked if he had been snipped and said she thought some of this behavior would settle down after the procedure.  She has known him since he was a wee pup so she has seen him develop.  He is not usually this way.  Just really started in the last two weeks..

That said, I am thinking of having him neutered over Winter break.  He will then be almost 10 months old.  The question is at what age did you have your furry friends neutered?  If it was before 12 months were there any adverse affects?

The second questions is about steps and aftercare.  We live in a townhouse.  There is no way for Tajar to go potty without having to go down 10 steps.  He dislikes being carried!!!!!  And in the last few weeks he growls at me if I go to pick him up to put him in the car.  I will ask the vet all these questions but would really like to know your experiences with all of this.

Thank you,

Gwyn and Tajar 

From Tajar;  Tell her no, just tell her no!! It is not necessary!!!!  How can she even think of doing that to me.

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Neutering is not the fix-everything procedure many people make it out to be. If you do not work on the nipping, humping and growling - all undesirable behaviours - then neutering makes no difference. The proof? Plenty of intact dogs out there who do not demonstrate those problems, from puppyhood into old age. It sounds like Tajar needs these issues addressed first, before you decide to advance the date of his pending neuter. There's a lot of resources on YouTube and on DogStarDaily w.r.t. discouraging nipping/growling and redirected a dog's attention when he inappropriately humps a person/another dog.

One of the main things to remember when working on this is consistency - if you "allow" nipping or do not work on the growling at home, it will only escalate and start cropping up when you are out in town or at Obedience class. Dogs do not understand exceptions to the rule. We must be consistent so as to provide them with a predictable routine to follow. :)

Thank you for your reply.  Yes, I agree with all you said.   The "she" in the above post is our trainer.  I was surprised when Tammy said this to me. This all started about two weeks ago.  Last night we worked on strategies to get rid of the unwanted humping, growling and nipping including time outs and catching and reinforcing the behaviors that I want.  He is really a sweet soul and so all of this has taken me by surprise.

I can't say anything about what age to have him neutered...Max was 5 when we got him and already done.  My other males were shelter dogs and done when I got them..all under a year.

He will need a cone/collar to keep him from going after his stitches.  I highly recommend this ecollar.  I dealt with 1 corgi and those plastic cones and they are hell for short dogs.  They hit every slight change in floor height, make it hard for them to eat/drink or do steps.  Max had to have surgery and was going to need the collar for 2 weeks so Iooked into this.  My main concern when I read the reviews were ones from those with short legged dogs like corgis.  They rated it high.  Max had no problem eating or drinking, he went up and down the outside ramp in the yard with no problem and he appeared to not even care that he had it on.  He used it like a comfy pillow for his head when sleeping.  It's washable and reusable.  I can't say enough good things about it.


I'm wondering if he is hurting somewhere. The growling when being picked up could be a sign of pain somewhere for him. Perhaps a trip to the vet is in order.

Rocky was 18 months when he was neutered and did just fine. We used an inflatable collar for a week or so. He also used it as a pillow! I just made sure the check it for full inflation before bed or if I was going to be gone a length of time in the day. Be sure to follow the instructions on threading a collar through it. Gather him up around the front of the chest and back of the back legs when you pick him up. Rocky is not fond of being picked up but this works well for him. He doesn't like the under the belly approach for several reasons dating back to the many tests he had on his back half when he was younger and kept spiking fevers.

I agree with Karen that it could possibly be pain. Wynn had been grumpier than usual for the last 6 months or so and then we found out he had a bladder stone. Not sure if this is what caused the grumpiness but he has stopped this since his bladder stone is gone.

I had Wynn neutered just last year(8) and he healed fine...till he tore out his stiches and then had to wear the huge plastic collar for over a month...he did learn how to pick up his head though...

I know people who have had their dogs neutered early and that has worked for them...I think it's a personal preference.

Thanks Karen and Jane. We have an appointment at the vet on Monday. Also, the pillow is a great idea. Thank you guys!
My puppy Bailey was neutered a month ago when he was 5 months old. Since the procedure, I haven't seen him mount any dog. Thing is, he started to bark more often (he barely did that before). I can see that he's a little sensitive to his environment now and would just bark or growl at anything random (e.g sound of leaves moving, sight of other living things from afar, sound of keys, sight of aggressive dogs, etc.). I don't see him being more aggressive as he's still nice and sweet to other dogs and people, just more "talkative" - probably a growth thing? He's also grown a lot longer and is perfectly healthy I don't think neutering your puppy before he's a year old impedes development.

Don't expect the neuter procedure to change non-sexual driven behaviors. If you dog squeals or bites you when you pick him up, he's probably in pain. Bailey was like that for 3 days when he got his Distemper combo shot.
We waited until age 2 years, and the inflatable collar (life preserver) worked great. He thought it was his pillow!

This dog may be in pain. Can you observe whether he's limping? Does his belly feel hard when you palpate it? Does he seem to have difficulty urinating, or does he seem to want to urinate more than usual? Corgis are prone to urinary and bladder stones, either of which hurt. Consider taking him to the vet for a check-up -- and be sure to tell the vet about these new behaviors.

...oops!! Belatedly I get around to reading other comments & see I'm not the first to suggest this. Please take Tajar to a good vet, ASAP! If the vet can't find a physical cause, then go for a canine behavioralist and a personal determination to establish yourself as the boss.

After reading responses I have to laugh...guess they all think the inflatable collar is a pillow.


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