Anyone have a friend that your corgi likes more than YOU???

Yes, I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous of this! :)

I have a friend that comes to take care of my dogs on Wednesdays and Thursdays, the two days when I work two jobs and am gone for over 12 hours total.

Well, today she came over EARLY and spent the day at my house because my mom needed some help with stuff and she had the day off. So I get home, and Simon basically doesn't even CARE!!!! He's all over my friend, kissing her and snuggling her and sitting on her lap. I was gone for 6 hours, I just come home to eat and change then leave again, and I get NO corgi love cause he's decided he likes my friend BETTER!!!! I'm trying to call him and get him to come give me kisses, and he just looks at me like "And I should care because . . . . . why?"

I know, he's probably just happy to have another friend there to play with him, but geez -- some acknowledgement WOULD have been nice, given that I'm the one providing him with food, shelter, toys, and taking him fun places! :)

So -- anyone else get demoted to 'pond scum' level by your corgi when someone outside of the household comes to visit you?

At least my Josie loves me more! :)

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You know...Corgi's are extremely smart. My guess is that he's just trying to make you jealous. Sort of a "See what's going to happen when you leave me?" sort of a thing.
Oh definitely! When I take the dogs to my parents' house for a visit I might as well be invisible. They want to get love from everyone else! Its kind of a "I can get loved by you anytime I want so why should I waste my time when other people are around" attitude. Those two are so silly!! =)
When Grandma and Grandpa come over we fade in the background. They have us all the time. It was the same when my kids were young too!
Finnigan loves people to much he gets so excited when he sees someone. When we have company he is all over them nonstop to the point where we either put him in his crate or give him a chewy to distract him (the only thing better than visitors is treats). He ignores us when there are other people over but I've never been jealous of it because while they're there he's a brat and won't leave them alone and when they leave he's our sweet, well behaved boy. I think we get the better end of the deal. I know he doesn't like them better, he just likes seeing new people and by new I mean anyone who doesn't live there.
Yes, my Livvy is like that but I just figure she's in that adolescent stage that I don't know anything and that I'm the one who has to enforce the rules(training). She loves my girlfriend and really anyone!
Yeah, Ein likes new people since they're new and exciting. I wouldn't take it personally. :P
As much as Finnigan loves people, we were watching tv one day (he watches it too sometimes) and a man came on that for some reason Finnigan did not like. His hair went up and he growled like something was seriously wrong. He's never done that before but something about that guy just didn't sit well with him.
Hey, ALL of my friends like our dogs better than me. They're younger, smarter, better-looking, better-educated, better-bred. Hard act to follow.
Yes, I can relate! When I take Steve to my parents house it's like I don't exist. If my mom or dad goes out he won't leave the front door or garage door (which ever one they left from). He'll even leave wet nose marks all over the window next to the door trying to see if he could see them come back. However, if I leave my parents house Steve won't even see me off. When I get back he'll come to the door to check out who's coming in but then walks off when it's only me. I guess all those tasty treats from my mom and the way my dad plays with him is sooooo exciting that I get demoted. I get promoted again when we leave to go back to our house. LOL
I think it's called "trying to make us feel guilty"!!!! They're so good at that!
I share your pain- my Corgi likes my mum better, my friends and sometimes even my brother. His tail wags for them when they come home/over but not for me :( I tell myself its because I'm here constantly. Sometimes when I've been gone for ages there is a tail wag, but nothing like the ones he gives my mum.
ummm, yep, Gem gets so excited when I ask if she even wants to go to Grandma's and Grandpa's that I become just a chaffeur to get her over there!!! Edward initially will act all well.... if I have too, but by the time I get back to pick them up he is the one who refuses to get in the car!!! I don't mind a bit though cuz they are so tired out by the time I get em back home they have to have a loooonnnggg snooze!!! They think they are so smart but I sometimes have em figured out!!!!!


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