anyone know of other dog breeds that play/live well with corgis?

I wasn't sure where to put this topic, but I am curious. I love dogs, and my boyfriend and will be getting another dog in a couple of years. I am just curious, as it is never to soon to ask, does any one know of other dog breeds that mix well with corgis? I know the breed will have to be active, as maggie is a very active girl! I am not a fan of owning any other small dog breed...and maggie does not really care for other dogs smaller than her (she isn't mean to them, but I think she scares them because she is instantly in play mode whenever she meets any new dog and none of the small dogs we have come into contact with have liked that. lol ). We are hoping to get a midsized much as I would love to have a big ol' farm with lots of dogs, I don't think that is in the future at all. lol But, we will certainly have room for another dog. I would like to adopt this time. But I am just curious, as any canine friend of maggies will have to be able to keep up with her never ending energy and her love to always be with you.l thanks for your ideas!

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I have an Australian Shepherd with my Corgi (had the Aussie first, actually) and they get along great. They have similar energy levels (well, the Aussie's is a little higher, lol) and the same play style since they are both herding breeds. I like the similarities, but there are also a lot of difference in personality between the breeds that I don't feel like they are exactly alike. Aussie are my personal favorite, and I'm actually getting one more in about a year, so I'll have two Aussies and a Corgi! Have fun choosing another dog!
I would think a dog friendly corgi could get along with any other breed. We added a doberman (not on purpose) and one of my corgis just loves her. They play together and sleep together. My other corgi does not like her, he just tolerates her but he has known her since she was a very large puppy and I think she stepped on him one too many times! So a medium sized dog might be easier to introduce. The best thing you can do is socialize your corgi and throw in a little obedience training now in anticipation of adding another dog.

lol yes they do, hence the issue with small dogs. They get mad at her and then she gets all sad and lays down, she doesn't get it. lol But she does play well with any other dog we have come incontact with at parks, etc. thanks for the tip!
I agree, corgis seem to get along great with most dogs. Sidney plays much better with dgos the same size as he is, or bigger. Small dogs seem to confuse/annoy him ;)

One of his favorite breeds is a Westie...and they are so cute, too!
Jack is my big-dog-loving Corgi. For the first time ever he met one he did not like, a lab-pit mix puppy who ran over the top of him one too many times. It's the first time I've heard Jack snark at another dog.

Some of Jack's best dog playmates are Golden Retrievers. They are big and bouncy and don't mind being chewed on, but they are more graceful than a Labrador and don't tend to land on top of him. Jack does not care for Lab puppies as they don't know where their feet are and will come straight down on top of another dog. There are some bad Goldens out there (as they are over-bred) but if you can find one from a good breeder, they are truly lovely dogs--- nice size, sweet-tempered, playful until old age.

Gordon Setters are nice too; they like to run and Corgis like to herd, so it's a nice mix and they also will tolerate rough-housing while not being so clumsy themselves that they would hurt the smaller dog. They are not over-bred so sorting through breeders should not be so hard as with a Golden. A setter would be a bit more reserved than a Golden, but still clownish and they are stunningly beautiful besides.

Jack had a great time in his CGC class clowning around with an English Bull Terrier. Terriers don't always get along well with other dogs, though, so you'd need to be careful. This particular one was dog-friendly.

I think if I were to let Jack pick a friend, he'd probably have a smaller female Boxer as a companion. He loves the way they like to go up on their hind legs and wrestle. Again, though, overbred so you'd need to be very careful in picking breeders. There are plenty of Boxers in rescue, though.
By the way, I like this source for getting pretty honest info about the pros and cons of the different breeds:
This is a really good website. I remember reading about PWC before even looking for a puppy. Inspite of all the downsides I still got one :). Reading this again reminded me that corgis need a lot of mental stimulation. I must say, although we do a lot of walks and runs in the woods I've been slacking off on that one for a while. Time to get back to training for fun.
Look for a medium size breed if you would like similar energy level. Some active dogs would be just too big to play with a corgi. For what I've seen so far, something like cattle dog, sheltie or border collie would be nice.
Breeds like boxer or pitbul might be a little too rough at play, like my dad's dog. She loves to play wit Shiro and they're having fun doing it, but sometimes she's just too fast and strong and knocks him off.
He's been playing very well with a rottweiler puppy, but that guy is very small for the breed. I don't know how it would be with an adult.
I'm surprised that small dogs stay away from Maggie. Shiro can be very pushy and tries to get everyone to play wit him, but so far we had so much fun with small dogs, they love to run around and wretle just as much.
I guess a breed from the herding group would be a good match for your little girl.
thanks everyone! very helpful!
As long as your corgi is dog-friendly, and you get another dog-friendly dog or bring home a puppy, ANY breed should be fine. I have a pitbull mix that's 10 years old, and she ADORES Simon -- she thinks he's her 'baby' and as he's gotten older and bigger she's really accepted him as her friend and playmate, too. They snuggle and clean each others' ears every morning!
I have an Australian Shepard and all my dogs love him he plays well with them and actually has started acting more like a corgi...he does have a higher energy level so he does need a job Armani chases birds in the air and guards my goat! I agree that almost any dog you get would get along well but hopefully when this happens you can have them meet and see how they do b/4 you add a dog to your family. Good luck and it's good that you're looking ahead and planning!

Ginny's BFF is my dad's golden retriever. She's a really great dog. But at the dog park, she LOVES to play with the Australian Shepherds. I think she feels a kinship with them because they're tail-less, too. :)


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