These two guys showed up in my shelter in the past two weeks. The white one, Hayward, was identified by the intake team as a corgi mix. The canine team later identified him as a terrier mix. The black one, Nepo, is being called a Cardigan corgi mix. We do try to be accurate, but in many cases, especially strays, it can be little more than guesswork. That said, I have very strong opinions on this, but IDing breeds is not my job. To strengthen my (goodnatured) argument, I thought I'd solicit some expert opinions. What do you guys think? I won't tell you my ideas yet. Do you see a white terrier and a black Cardigan?

BTW, although the white guy is old, timid, weak and aloof (some say), we keep any adoptable animals until they find a home. It may take a long time for him, so I'll keep an eye on him.

I can't seem to figure out how to get all the pictures on one post, so here's Hayward. Nepo will be in the next post. Both are in my photo album "Are There Corgis in my Shelter?"

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To me Hayward looks more like a possibility of a corgi mix. So hard to tell...

As Jane says, mixes are had to tell as often they are more of a Heinz 57 than a mix of two breeds.... The white one seems a better chance for a Corgi mix than Nemo, but I am by no means an expert in the matter.  I hope they find someone to love them.

I've sat with Hayward in his kennel when he was scared and shaking, and gazed into his corgi eyes. Yeah, I say corgi. The other guy, the black dog is so obviously not a Cardigan. 

You're right Julia: the "feel" of the dog may, in the end, be the better indicator of all.

I agree with the others about the white one being a corgi mix..possibly with terrier.  The black one...not so much a corgi I say but it's had to tell from the picture.

The white guy looks like he could be a corgi mix. The picture of the black one is too small for me to really see, but I highly doubt it's a cardigan mix. Shelters seem to think anything looking remotely like a corgi that has a tail is a cardigan mix. I'm always surprised to see how many people think pems naturally have no tails.

The black one looks to me like either a terrier or a chihauha mix, both of which are much more common than Cardigans. Honestly Cardis are so rare that the thought of one accidentally getting out and impregnating anything are really remote.

The white dog COULD be a Corgi mix, or a terrier mix, but I can't be sure either way. In one pic he looks Corgi-like, in the other he does not.

Many mixed breeds are mixes of mixes of mixes, so it can be tough to figure it out.

The white one looks quite a bit like my corgi-mix, but my dog is tailless and her snout is a little smaller, more fox-like. She was also very timid when I first got her. She is very calm now, super affectionate and and eager to please. I bet this old guy will be a great pet for someone.


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