Since we are beginning again with a new Pembroke, I am wondering what other folks have been feeding their dogs.  I have used the usual dry foods, and some veterinarian recommended foods as well.  What do you folks think about raw, about grain free, etc.?  I will consult with the breeder, of course, but still would like to have other opinions.  Thanks.

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We have done well with Innova but there are lots of good foods.
I would not necessarily trust the breeder(not always true) or the vet for their choices! I have read on this site that many pups have been fed the cheap store brands and my vet carries science diet which is no good. I now feed Canidae (all life stages).I don't have to have any food but this and my pups and older dogs get the same food and they don't have to switch! They love it! You can also check past discussions on this for many ideas!
Thanks for the responses. I found lots of information on diets on this site. Just had to roam around a bit. This is a fabulous site!
We feed Iam's Lamb and Rice and like it. As for raw and grain-free, there are many conversations on here about it, and some can get lively!! It would be like going on a human diet site, and having the Atkins people argue with the vegetarians! :-)

I just wanted to add that many vets carry Science Diet in part because they have carefully designed prescription formulas for dogs with particular conditions, that commercial feed companies can't match. They have a calorie-dense diet for very sick dogs, for example. They have a formula with the only protein source as egg for dogs who have allergic reactions to other foods, and another with no intact animal proteins at all. If your vet is trying to recommend prescription food for your young, healthy dog, that is one thing. If your dog has a serious medical condition, those foods are there for a reason. My brother's dog is on a Science Diet formula because he has congestive heart failure and low-sodium diets are hard to find on the shelf.

Good luck in your search!
Thanks Beth! This is very true about Science diet and I'm glad you pointed it out. I have had 2 cats on this due to medical problems but as you pointed out a healthy dog doesn't need this! The name sounds wonderful and I believe some people are fooled into believing that this sounds like a great food when I don't believe it is for a healthy dog!
I was looking and the one for dogs undergoing chemotherapy has something like 38% protein, which is high by most standards (though some people like a very high-protein diet for routine use).

My general rule with vets is if they try to sell you something every time you walk in the door even though your dog is healthy, I would look for a new vet! Flea/tick and heartworm treatments would be the exception. When I've asked my vet about foods, he's never recommended something he sells. One reason why I like him.
Is anyone using or used EVANGERS all life stages kibbles? Like, dislike?
Never heard of it...but that doesn't mean much as I find one I like and stay with it! I sure do like the all life stages though!
I can't believe it... I did use the canned food when Livvy was pregnant! I think it might have been duck and I bought it to mix with her dry food! Livvy did like it and I thought it looked like a good food ...thanks for posting!
When Bobby was little, we gave him a mixture of cheese, chicken and rice while he was growing.. Now he gets chicken and pasta or chicken with some rice, won't eat dry or canned food, would prefer to stave


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