What are you feeding your Corgi?  Looking for recommendations!  I would like to stick with a brand offering at least 30% protein and 18% fat.

I'm also curious about the whole yogurt thing.  I've never seen it recommended as being mixed with dog food before...but seems as though it is offered as the "thing to do" for Corgis.  Just curious why?

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I've been mixing non-fat plain yogurt in my dog's food for years.  Started with a diet program for my very over-weight Max.  I use that or non-fat cottage cheese.  I think it's pretty safe to say that most dogs love yogurt, I've never heard of it as a "thing to do" for corgis tho, not sure why it would be unless others have used it in a weight loss program.  I continue to use it for my guys to keep from packing the pounds on as most corgis tend to especially as they get older.

We add it occasionally for probiotics.   I think it's a safer way to get them than from cat poop (which is the dogs' preferred method).  :-)

They really like it.  I also sometimes add scrambled egg, canned fish (sardines, mackeral, salmon), or cottage cheese.  With a puppy though I would limit the add-ins to a small part of the diet.  I would actually avoid yogurt til she is grown unless you have to give antibiotics; the calcium/phosphorus ratio is important in growing puppies.  Specifically, too much calcium can cause bone problems.

I would stick with a good large-breed puppy food and limit the add ins until she's done growing.

we picked Orijen (made in Canada) and it rates very highly on most websites that compare dog food ingredients...

Our breeder was adding yoghurt to the kibble so we continued that.  We are using a different food than she did and when I showed the ingredient list to our vet he said there was no need for yoghurt as there are probiotics in the food.  We soak the kibble - Merrick - with chicken broth and Phoebe eats it soooo fast I wonder if she is even chewing as it seems more like inhaling.

TOTW also has 30% in at least 2 flavors. I feed mine yogurt about twice a week. How old is your dog? Corgis should not have high protein until they are 18-24 months old. They are considered large breed dogs and that is too high for a pup. Canidea and some TOTW has 24-25% protein foods.

I would second this. Taste of the Wild is what I chose to feed my corgi. I like how it is grain-free, reasonably priced, and is made from quality ingredient. TOTW is about $47 for 30lbs but if I wanted to go cheaper, Kirkland's dog food from Costco is good too but it doesn't fit your protein requirement. Of course, there are better brands like Orejin but I find that too pricey for me. 

For yogurt, I recommend Fage plain. It is Greek, gluten-free, preservative-free, additives-free, and low in fat. So it doesn't have things that would up set a stomach. I'm lactose intolerant and this is the only dairy product besides lactaid that I can eat without getting terrible gas. 

Jane....corgis are considered large breed dogs?  Wow, I never knew that.  All 3 of mine were adults when they came to us, we've never had a corgi puppy.  I am very glad to find this out because I do believe that our next one will be a puppy now that I am retired.  I know that large/giant breeds need puppy food with a low protein diet....I've raised 2 Irish Wolfhounds.  Their legs grow so fast that they can actually be in pain.  I never thought of corgis as small dogs but just didn't never would have guess they were considered large breed.  Thank you for that information!

Yes, due to the heavy bone structure they are treated as "large breed" when it comes to feeding choices.   

Now that it's been pointed out I can understand that.  Max is a big boned fluffy...much bigger than Katie, his paws are the size of the palms of my hands.  This old dog is learning some new tricks.

Sky is 4 months old. I'm feeding Wellness Super5Mix, currently switching from Puppy to Adult formula.

Puppy formula is 28% protein, 17% fat; Adult formula is 22% protein, 12% fat.

It has probiotics [Lactobacillus plantarum, Enterococcus faecium, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus acidophilus] in both the Puppy and Adult formulas.

I give mine Orijen, with a teaspoon of non-fat plain yogurt at each meal. She gets a fish oil capsule at breakfast as well. 

I give her the yogurt because the breeder said she did, and I find that it really helps cut down on gas. I would ask your breeder what she recommends you feed her. I can't offer any advice because I got Ein as an adult, but I do know that special consideration has to be made for feeding corgi puppies because you don't want their bones to grow too fast. 

I've been told not to give more then 22% protien by my vet due to the fact corgis gain weight so easy....


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