It's become a very popular thing to create designer dogs or hybrids. While there are a couple that have been around for quite some time such as the Cockapoo, most are relatively new. Examples of such dogs would be the Puggle (Pug+Beagle) or Labradoodle (Labrador+Poodle). Of course the Corgis could not be left out of this quest for a better breed and there are new models in the works as we speak (though none have caught on yet). I think Corgis are perfect the way they are and I'm sure others here would agree, but nothing is ever good enough for some. Here are some of the Corgi hybrids I've encountered. Please share any that you are aware of, or just voice your opinion on the topic of hybrid breeding.

Shorgi (Cardigan or Pembroke Corgi+Shih-tzu)

Copica (Cardigan or Pembroke Corgi+Cockapoo)

Others include:
Augi (Australian Shep. + Cardi or Pem Corgi)
Cava-Corgi (Cavalier King Charles Snapiel+ Pembroke Corgi)
Corgidor (Labrador+Pembroke Corgi)
Chigi (Chihuahua+Cardi or Pem Corgi)
Dorgi (Dachshund+cardi or Pem Corgi)
Corillon (Papillon+Pembroke Corgi)

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I don't know, to me it is just a mutt, but they are cute. I love my corgi mutt, he is a rescue dog. But breeding mutts on purpose seems irresponsible to me. There is already too many dogs in need of good homes. There is no reason to breed these dogs except for profit and that is sad. My mutt is a corgi+chihuahua mix, and many people have said he is absolutely adorable and they would like a dog like him. I just recommend they visit the rescue I went to, his siblings might still be there. I just get annoyed with people for breeding dogs for money. There is no competition, no breed standard, no real reason to breed them. Mutts are great dogs and I love them (this is not a rant against mix breed dogs), but they should not be freely bred for profit, not when their are perfectly good mutts being put to sleep due to over crowding. But I feel the same way about over breeding in many breeds. Just because you have a dog doesn't mean it should have pups. I think it a bit irresponsible.... maybe thats just me.
I totally agree with you. I think it's ridiculous to intentionally breed mutts and call them hybrids. Just because it was intentional, that makes them a hybrid and not a mutt? They obviously do it for money, thinking if they can create some new mix that is so smart and/or cute, eveyone will want one. I mean, look at how popular Puggles have become. They are in every pet store! I never realized how much Corgis were used for such breeding though which is why I thought this was an interesting topic to discuss.

Before we got Finnigan we thought we may get a tri Pem and we were in a pet store one day (not that I would buy a puppy from a pet store) and I saw a tri Pem. I went over to visit with it and when I picked it up I kept thinking, this is a weird acting Corgi. His collar said he was a Corgi but something wasn't right about his personality. I asked an employee about him and she said he is actually a Papillon Corgi mix. The small dog personality was definitely showing through.

Chihuahua Corgi mixes are actual something that is intentionally bred too. They call it a Chigi:

the one on the bottom looks more like Swedish Vallhund
Yeah, it kind of does. I definitely see Chihuahua in the face though.
Having seen these pics, I am starting to think Morgan is not a chihuhua mix, he is too big.... who knows. He is my pound puppy and I love him!
Making more puppies should only be done for the purpose of bettering the breed by eliminating negative qualities and encouraging positive ones. I don't see how mixing 2 different breeds or mutts would do any good.
Even Labradoodle is not just labradore and poodle. To make one that meets the requirements (e.g. does not shed) you have to have two labradoodles. My friend learned it the hard way, but being allergic and stuck with a giant and shedding dog.
So not in favor of this..... the shelters are full of mixed breeds and purebred dogs. Responsible breeding would eliminate so many deaths not to mention dogs in poor health. The problem with hybrids is that there is no way to determine which side of the family they will take after. So you can get a heavily shedding labradoodle and not everyone is going to want the dog when it turns out different than planned. The mutts in your pictures are adorable and probably much loved but I would be concerned about health issues and the promotion of puppy mills. I know I would love the mutt as much as a purebred but not everyone is that committed.
Exactly, most people who are going to purchase a dog from a breeder are looking for a purebred, not a mutt. People who want a mutt check shelters, the paper etc. I can't imagine these hybrid breeders get many people willing to pay what they are asking for a mixed breed, and then where do they go?
I have a mutt(or my daughter now has my mutt) and I love him...BUT my question still is so what happens to the ugly,not how I'm suppose to turn out hybrid???? OK you don't have to answer but I'm sure this happens alot!!!!!! I am so glad there are people who take in rescues and mutts BUT how many aren't so fortunate and fall in the wrong hands or...........
I wondered the same thing actually. Even with the hybrids I posted pictures of, there were some that were the same mix but took on all the wrong physical characteristics and were not exactly cute. Since, as mentioned, there is no way to control what attributes they will get from each breed, it's kind of hit and miss. If a home isn't found for those not so attractive pups, most likely they end up in a shelter. Why take the risk? I realize that most breeds have been crossed at some point in order to get certain desirable traits, but this was usually done with working dogs and the purpose was to make the dog better at said job. Now it is done for a totally different reason.
Yeah, I was googling the Shorgis and some are really cute but some look like a runty Corgi who stuck its paw in the electric socket.

And the puggles.... I mean, Pugs are known for breathing/overheating problems, so hey let's cross them with a Beagle which will follow its nose til it drops from exhaustion! What a good idea! *eye roll*
I'm also concerned about the potential behavior problems in these cross breeds, since different breeds were originally bred for different reasons, and whatever instincts they already had were multiplied - the same instincts that cause many an owner a headache (if not a heartbreak) if they cannot be satisfied in some way that's acceptable to the human they're sharing a home with. Behavior problems that cannot be solved or lived with are yet one more one-way ticket to a shelter. :*(


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