Do all Corgi's make funny noises? My two are a hoot! I have never heard such noises coming from these little guy's. Are all Corgi's so vocal?

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I have 2 corgis here and o my gosh!!  They are always talking!  Either grunting, growling, grumbling, barking or howling!!  The funniest part is, I am dog sitting for my parents and they have my folks dogs doing the same thing! 

Corgi talk...oh yes....the hard thing is sometimes figuring out what they are saying:)

Oh my, Frosty is ALWAYS making some kind of noise lol!!  Here is my all time favorite Frosty noise video:


I have 2 corgis and I thought my Rascal was a talker until miss molly came along she could have her own talk show!

I have one talker and one barker.  Jack grumbles, howls, makes Chewbacca noises, barks, growls, yaps, and says "hrrr hrrr hrrrr hrrr" when he fraps. 


His grumble is easy to mistake for a growl, but it's not really.  More of a complaint. 

Ah yes, the notorious grumble.  Made most often in my house when one of them is stretched across my lap and I have the urge (or THE NERVE) to move.  The grumble, the look of disgust and off they go to find a more suitable lap.

Noodles likes to hear his own voice, but I think the funniest sound he makes is when I tickle him underneath his chin. It is like it really does tickle him because he makes a laughing sound. It always cracks me up. He also makes squeaky sounds when he yawns really big. My husband always tries to get Noodles to howl, but he only does it on Noodles time. The sounds he makes entertain us and it doesn't stop when he is sleeping. He will snore and do a soft bark in his sleep when he is dreaming.

Oh yes, Sparty tends to be loud and has a lot to say. When he gets scolded he talks back quietly with closed mouth barks. Izzy is much quieter but specializes in howling noises when playing. My previous corgi Buffy made little pig like grunts. It seems there is no end to the funny sounds they can make, guaranteed to bring a laugh!
Ein is the only corgi I've ever owned, and she is the most vocal dog I ever owned. It's so fun.
Only when talking back are mine really vocal...unless it's barking at a squirrel...there's a good video on youtube of corgi noises.

Here's the YouTube video.  It is hilarious!!!


That was hilarious!!!! Sparky is going crazy hearing those noises. He does them all! My favorite one he does I call the Japanese dubbed movie bark. His mouth will move then the bark will come out!


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