Hello. :) I am not sure if this should be in this category so if not I am sorry! I was just curious to know your opinion on a situation I just encountered. We were looking into corgi puppies and came across a registered Canadian breeder who sells her puppies for $1000. She also had a 4 year old female breeding/show dog that she was looking to sell. I inquired about her becuse that could be a possibility for my boyfriend and myself. However she was selling her for $1500. I just didnt understand this? Could anyone explain how a four year old dog that she wants to get rid of to replace with a tricolor male could be more expensive than a puppy...She mentioned something about recouping the costs for hip tests and somethign about having to send papers to the organization or something...Hoping you guys can clear this up for me, it just didnt make sense if we wanted to buy this dog as a pet for her to be 500$ more than a puppy.


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I posted somewhere else that I looked up and there were something like 400 Pemmies registered in England last year! Can't find the link now, but apparently they are much more popular here than there.
I always tell my puppy buyers that my puppies are free. What they are paying for is the right to call me at any time of the day or night, for any reason, for the next fifteen years. They're paying for me to come get their dog at a moment's notice if for any reason they cannot keep him or her. They're paying me to take the dog back if there are behavioral or health problems (whereupon I'll fix those medical or behavioral problems at my own cost), to help them make medical decisions, to explain to them exactly why I bred the dogs I did, for an intro to showing or training (and for a dog they won't feel stupid taking into the ring), for free boarding at any time, for nutritional advice, and in short to be the safety net for them and their dog for any and every reason.

So I guess my question is how much you'd ask someone to pay if you're basically selling them YOU for the dog's entire life?

Any breeder can give you a cute puppy. Almost any breeder can give you a registered puppy. You're going to love that dog regardless of whether it was well-bred or not. Where the real difference comes is whether you've bought a good breeder. If you're in the emergency vet's office at two in the morning and are sobbing because you don't know what's going to happen, can you call your breeder? Can you get good advice from her? Will she talk to the vet - knowledgeably - when you can't? Will she pay to board her five dogs and drive fifteen hours to pick up your dying eleven-year-old dog and take him to the vet for that final visit because you just can't stand to make that decision? That's what good breeders do, and they do it without even thinking.

So yes, dogs from breeders like that are more expensive. But I really do think you get MUCH more than you paid for. I've never paid under a thousand dollars for any of my dogs, except the rescues, but I think I've easily gotten a thousand hours of advice, phone calls, e-mails, personal visits, parties, and help with every aspect of their little doggy lives.
Well said!
I totally agree with you as Bev said "well said!!!!!
If she's selling wit the right to show sometimes they can be even more expensive.


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