Tonight, for the first time Sully has been crying out when moved. She has been a drama queen so I assumed she was carrying on for little or no reason, but she is not easily distracted as she typically is when being dramatic. This came on very suddenly tonight but she didn't fall or have any illness in the past couple of days and she was just declared healthy last week by her vet. She is now sleeping very soundly beside me so I think any pain she may have is only when she is picked up and moved. She seems to move around okay on her own. I will call the vet, but is there a time frame on the wait and see method? Thanks in advance!! Scary!

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Holly does your vet screen yearly for Lyme? Most vets in New England do the 4x test which checks for three tick diseases and heart worm. Becca is very sore when she has a flare. It is very sudden, but once it happens I can look back and think of some subtle signs. This time she licked her paws before the big limping started. After three days of antibiotics and anti inflammatories she was herself again. Now we are just trying to figure out why it happens so often. She has an appointment next week with a different vet that is supposed to know Lyme well.
I hope she feels better soon. Could it be the way you picked her up was different than usual?
Thank so much for your thoughts. I have never heard her cry that much or so consistently. I think she just had a Lyme check but I heard the lone star tick which spreads a much more deadly Rocky Mountain Spottted Fever has been found up North this year. It is rare, but there was a case in Boston which came on quickly and was diagnosed immediately so the dog was luckily cured easily. In my case Sully was so sore she didn't even want to be touched and she cried when I put her collar on. The vet took one look at her and said she hurt her neck. Rather than put her on the table she sat on the floor and Sully crawled up on her lap and laid her head down. She did some gentle manipulation and said she thinks it is a pinched nerve so her neck and her arms are very sore. She needs complete rest, no activity for a few days and medicine plus steroid shot to help her heal. She would recommend any other dog be crated but Sully is a world class rester so she should feel better very soon. SO Glad it isn't some tick related issue! Thanks again!

Awww hope she is better soon.

Thanks Bev!
I'm glad the vet figured it out ! Sounds treatable so that's good...feel better soon Sully!
Thanks Jane. I took the collar off and switched to a harness which doesn't fit as well but she doesn't cry when I put it on so it should help it heal. She usually walks well with me but she is easily distracted so she often pulls to one side or another at which point I always stop and wait for her to stop pulling but that was an attempt to teach her not to pull. I realized too late that she may have hurt herself over time with a the pressure of pulling with the regular collar on her neck. The harness is a bit big and it shifts around when she wears it but at least her neck has free range of motion. She only cries now when she needs a dose of medicine which is a bit less often. Thanks for your kind words. This one had me scared, but I was so lucky!

Gosh, that must have been a terrifying moment or three for you! Glad the vet had something to ease her discomfort.

Once I almost had to put down a greyhound because he hurt his back so badly slipping on a tile floor that it crippled him. No oral painkillers helped at all. The vet's last-ditch effort was to shoot him full of prednisone, and by golly, it worked like a charm. By the next morning he was almost back to normal. He did recover, and the problem never returned.

I hope the outcome is as positive for Sully.

Thanks Vicky. Sully was doing so well but tonight she suddenly started screaming again for no apparent reason. My daughter said she might being getting spasms and to let her rest until her doctor in in tomorrow since she was just seen and it is not an intestinal issue. I think she is right. I would musch rather have her seen by her own vet and she is not screening now. As long as she can rest comfortably my daughter thought their was no risk of further harm by waiting until the morning. I do remember the vet saying I uld let her know if the pain medicine doesn't help as she may need something stronger. I live with neck spasms and they are ridiculously painful. I feel so bad for her. She may have to get another dose of pedmisone too. It is so hard to se animals I AIN because there is no way to help them understand and be reassured.still feeling very thankful it is not something really serious. I know some pet owners get a much worse diagnosis to adjust to evey day.
Wynn was on Prednisone for a back or leg injury and did great. Could Sully have a pinched nerve? Not too long ago I took Teddy to a people Chiropractor and she taught me how to work on his neck. He loves it but does still hold his head weird but I think he gets relief from this and at 14...he's still doing well.
I'd also suggest a chiropractor. Becca goes for an adjustment every 6-8 weeks.


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