Every day I take a shower.  Every day I put a cloth bath mat down so that when I step out of the shower I'm not on the tiles all wet.  And every day Dipper sneaks in--and he only does this when my back is turned--and removes the bath mat.  He drags it out into the bedroom.  

I put a heavier more rug-like bath mat down and put the lighter (and actually more comfortable) one on top of it.  So far he just drags the old one out and leaves the one that I now get to use.  

I could close the door to the bathroom but it doesn't seem right.  It seems that this is somehow empowering or an artistic expression of some kind.

Another oddity of all this is that when I step out of the shower he wants to lick the water off my legs and feet.  He has a bowl with fresh water in it right there in the bathroom but he likes the freshly bathed person water on a hairy leg.  Yum!  The more time I give him the more he will do, so there just has to be a limit to that.  I now stay in the bath tub and dry myself off while he waits outside (on the spot from which he has removed the top bath mat).  I let him do part of one leg.  It tickles and sort of defeats the purpose of a shower, IMO.

Then when I go out into the bedroom he comes out with me.  I point out the towel and say "You did this! This is the Corgi of the house stealing the bath mat!"  When I do that he sits down and flattens his ears.

He always flattens his ears when he has done something bad.  If I neglect to lock him up when I'm out of the house and he chews something he knows he shouldn't, he comes up to the door with his ears flat.  Then I look around to see what it is he flattens his ears even more.  It's like he's saying, "I know, but the Devil made me do it."  He gives you this look which makes you see him as the innocent victim.

This is how I know that the Devil is in the Corgi.

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Ha ha!

I have the same problem. If I put lotion on me my dogs have to lick it off.

Tape the bathmat down with duct tape, or glue it down with Barge cement,  or drill wall anchors into the tile and screw it down, or weight it with heavy rocks.

Al loves to lick the sweat off me when I come home from a run.  Tickles.

Close the door.  Like I tell the cats...all cats HATE closed doors, they are always on the wrong side...that I have to come out the same door I went in. 

My corgis do this too.  They never chew on the bath mat they just drag it into the bedroom.  Silly corgis.

Maybe they know something we don't?

Kaylee licks my feet and legs after a showers too. I take it as a sign of affection.

Besides an artistic expression it's a job he's created for himself. Corgis like to have self-appointed jobs. My pup Logan used to steal the empty toilet paper cardboard tubes from the trash and shred them. He's into recycling. When I got a new garbage can for the bathroom he couldn't get them out anymore, so I call him and give them to him to recycle. It's just not as fun since he can't steal them. Or maybe he doesn't want to sit on that bath mat mat while he waits for you to lick your legs and he's getting it out of the way. Or it's the devil.

Jeff doesn't steal the bath mat, but he does lick my legs after I get out of the shower! He likes to lick up all the water that gets out of the shower too. Recently, he has gone so far as jumping into the shower with me so he can lick up the water on the shower floor! 

My corgis love to lick water off my legs also. Lotion too...so I have to remove myself  to put lotion on or they lick it off as fast as I put it on:(

LOL so funny to me to see that our Corgi's share the same antics.  Foxy sits by the shower door and waits for me to get out so she can lick the water off my legs too.  I'm with you, it kind of defeats the purpose of a shower but she looks so darn cute I can't reprimand her. 

Marshall licks all the lotion off of my legs and arms when I get out of the shower (or just whenever he notices that I have recently put lotion on). He does this to my hands if I use hand lotion too after I wash my hands. He is obsessed with it. Silly dog. 


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