Our corgi cross is 4 years old - we rescued her 2 years ago and she is the most devoted dog I've personally seen.  (but she's the only corgi i've ever known)

I currently live in a small town in Northern Alberta, but my husband has gotten a new job that will require him to train for approx. 3 months - in Calgary (which is 6 hours away).  The hotel that we are in only allows dogs 20lbs and under so that rules out my "Tuesday".  Our in-laws have offered to watch her while we are away, but I'm worried she'll forget about me. She's my shadow all of the time.  What do you all think.  How will such a separation affect her?  Any suggestions?

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I don't think she will forget you:) My daughter was going to take my rescue Wiley and I would see her maybe once a month. When I walked through the doors and she heard me  her ears would perk up and she would do her little dance. She is now living with me again! That's very nice of your in-laws and yes, it will be hard but if you send her toys, blankets and leave a couple shirts with your smell on their i am sure she will miss you but be fine. Good luck!
thanks so much, Jane.  you really put my mind at ease.
You're welcome!
If she likes the in-laws all will be good. If you are worried take her over for a couple test runs.  They all love people and to be loved.  she will now forget you.  Good LUCK
She loves the in-laws, and spends a lot of afternoons playing over there when we visit.  so that's good.
Does the hotel weigh the dogs?  Maybe she could pass as a 20 pound dog if not, or maybe you could convince them to let her stay based on her good behavior.
it's worth a try. I'm gonna miss her like crazy!
My Grand dog came to live with me and when my son came to visit she acted like she was glued to me the whole time. I think if he could have taken her back he would have been crushed but fortunately he realized that it was impossible (moving out of the country). So it can work out just fine but tell your In laws not to spoil her too much!
They don't forget. My boyfriend (at the time) and I picked up Bear when he was 8 weeks old. When said boyfriend and I broke up 5 months later - Bear grieved.

It's been over a year - almost 2 since the breakup - exboyfriend came over about a week ago to see my new house and have a beer, Bear went crazy. He greets everyone a bit wildly when they come in, but once he recognized the scent, he made a crazy whining sound as he jumped and licked.

There is no doubt in my mind that they remember...none at all.
I'm so glad.  I couldn't bear it if she forgot me!  Thanks!
She will not forget you, my wife and I have been on assignments that last for months, you'll be greeted by intense kissing sessions when you return :)

There are plenty of videos on Youtube of soldiers coming home after long deployment.  Their dogs are usually first to welcome them back!  No, they don't forget at all!  Just look at Gracie's (corgi mix) welcome!



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