Domino has never had a major flea problem but every now and then I will find one or two hop off of her. What I don't understand is we have used flea/tick meds, flea/tick shampoo and we have never had an infestation or had any other pets with flea problems. Does anyone know a med or shampoo that will keep them from getting on her? I hate them being in my house because one flea means I have to clean the carpet and the couch and the bed...etc. Any suggestions? Help!!

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What flea med are you using? We have to use a strong topical one like Advantix because Sparty is very allergic. We never have any problems. I have heard that it is best to get the meds from your vet.
I would definately agree about getting the meds from the vet! I use frontline but I know alot of people on here prefer others. These are a one time a month treatment that kills fleas for up to a month and should stop the cycle!
We like Advantix because of its better performance for ticks; we are in a Lyme-disease hotspot and worry more about ticks than fleas.

If you are using a topical preventative, I have heard that the ones you get online could be expired or not full strength, so it is recommended to get them from the vet. Some of them don't prevent the fleas from hopping on your pet but will kill the flea within a few hours to a day or so, so if they are bad in the area you might occasionally see a live one. And with most of them, you should not bathe or swim your pet for 48 hours after OR before application; they are distributed by the oils in the pet's coat.
I have used Advantix before and I guess I'll start using it again. We had currently been on an OTC treatment. I'll have to look into pricing from my vet. I don't like to spare expense when it comes to my baby but money has been really tight right now. Although, you get what you pay for...and I guess I will have to once again get the best for my baby.
I usually only use this for 2 months if we get fleas as I don't like to put pesticides on my dogs unless absolutely necessary and 2 months should get rid of them! Also saves $$$$.


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