Hoping someone can help me out.


I need to switch poor Emma's harness for puppy classes. Up til this point, she's been using a Rogz Step-In Harness, but it hasn't been really working out for the walking/turning portions of our class. Our trained suggested we go ahead and switch her now to the front lead. The problem is, she hates the ones that go over her legs. She literally shut down on me in class, and would not cooperate. 


So, I'm looking for recommendations! The ones I've seen online usually are the style she hates. Anyone out there have an over the leg that works??

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Any special reason you want to use a harness instead of a regular collar or a martingale one? I have never had a problem with either.

I made modified, lighter weight martingales by removing the chain (see collar FAQ).

We have a harness, only for emergencies.  It has worn a sore during long hikes.

I guess I would second Bev in asking if a collar would work for you.


The Corgi is a short dog but broad up front, with a big neck.  Harnesses are good for tiny dogs who can be hurt by a collar.  But that's not an issue with Corgis.  Another nice thing about a harness for a tiny dog is in an emergency you can sometimes use it to pick up the dog, but again that would not apply to a Corgi.

Hey Ladies, This need for a harness is :

A) because it's specifically for the obedience classes we are taking, in which we are learning to walk

B) because, I've had her on a harness since she was 8 weeks. I think it's a preference things for her now. When, the took off her harness, I briefly had her leash on just her collar and I can't explain to you the glares I got.

Wow, I have never heard of an instructor requiring a harness. Really your dog should walk with anything you put on her. It is possible that she just doesn't like it and has figured out that if she shuts down that you stop. When I first took Sparty many years ago to class he screeched like I was killing him when I put the training collar on, the instructor told me that he was playing me and she was right. As soon as I ignored his little fit and kept walking he walked along with me just fine. Corgis are a little smarter than your average dog and definitely like to attempt to control their environment as well as their owner!
This same thing happened to my girlfriend with her corgi puppy.  She kept going. He later got his CDX titile.  He was playing her.  She caught on.

You need to ignore the glares.  We were working on the down in puppy class and the technique was to ask for a sit, step on the leash to apply downward pressure and give the command.   Pippin fought like a fish.  My instructor said to hold my ground and say nothing.   After a few minutes he sighed and did the down.   These guys are like little donkeys at times.   And they're also great actors.

I don't like a harness for normal size dogs.  It tends to teach them to pull.

I agree with Bev and Beth...we have switched to martingales (instead of regular) and they work great. If I were you I would comsider one. We have done many classes and these work the best for us (per instructors suggestion)
Luke had the same reaction to the easy-walk harness, total shut down, he would hardly even look at me and acted like the trainer was going to hit him when she came to take it off (she put it on him originally). I have to agree with the other posters who recommended the martingale, I use them as well and am very happy with them. If you ever decide to go further in obedience or rally they do not allow any type of harness in competition, and once you get more advanced some classes won't allow them either.
Have u tried the yuppie puppy harness? It has mesh in the front for comfort but the leash attachment is in the back like a regular step in harness. I also prefer harness's and I train Teddy on it since he was 8weeks old.

If u really need to use the front lead harness (the easy walk) then try getting some super yummy treats like cheese or hot dogs and praise her for walking. Use a happy voice and try to get jet to walk, even if its a tiny step praise her/treat her. Practice this at home as well

I guess I tend to side with the suggestions on using a collar of your preference for training as opposed to a harness. In my personal experience I started my pups on a harness only because they were too small and I didn't want to accidentally hurt them on a collar ( Buddha was 6wks old when I brought him home and his first harness/leash experience was that same day) but still learn to respect the lead and my voice.


I use a choker. Correctly. When walking or training. Buckle collar only for travel in vehicle, going outside to potty or going to dog park/swimming etc. Just a personal thing. 


Good luck!

We use the Premier Easy Walk Harness.  It was recommended by our trainer because Bento would pull on his collar leash and choke himself.  The Easy Walk Harness is a front lead and when Bento pulls, the harness will cause him to turn either left or right--essentially teaching him that pulling will NOT get him to where ever he wanted to go faster.  Bento has learned not to pull when we're walking now.


The harness has two clasps.  You can put the harness on around your dog's neck like a buckle collar and then buckle the second clasp on her underside.  It may be easier to google it and see the pictures.  I don't know if Emma would hate this since it doesn't really go over the legs, more like just under the her shoulders.  


I have to say that the harness looks weird on Bento because of his corgi shape.  It really emphasizes the fact that Bento has really short legs.


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