Well, we have reached full-blown stubborn, chewy, crazy adolescence. I am convinced that his cuteness and hilarity will save him, but it doesn't look to be saving much else. :) Rory is 9 months old this week and is quite the chomper, even with good exercise, play time, and mental stimulation (and several cardboard boxes sacrificed), he chews CONSTANTLY on just about anything he can get his teeth around. 

What are some recommendations for chewies out there? I have had good luck with bully sticks, antlers (the ones cut for puppies), and Himalayan chew sticks, but am looking for some more variety. He doesn't seem to notice or care for Nylabones or Kongs, and I am trying to stay away from rawhide. Any recommendations?

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Jeli is the same way.  She is almost two now and still a chew monster.  Because of the expense of keeping her in chew material, I have started getting 'soup bones' from the meat department at my grocery store.   They sell them purposely for dogs.   They are just round bones with a little bit of raw meat still on them.  I get about 6 at a time for about $2.00.  I keep them in the freezer and give them to her to chew on a towel because they do get a bit messy during the chewing process.  The other thing I give her is the cow knuckles that you get in pet stores.  They are usually packaged in twos for about $4.00.  I also give Himalyan chews and bully sticks, but they get pricey at the rate she chews.  She also loves her stuffed/frozen kongs!  I put a carrot, some kibble and some canned food in them and freeze them for when we leave for work and have to put her in her crate.  She can't wait till we go to work!  ;) 

I would suggest the small rubber Chuck It ball it's not the tennis ball but the heavy duty ball. They come in packs of 2 and will last forever!!!! Mine love "mouthing" the ball...best toy ever!!!!!!!

Here's Livvy with one!

One of my granddaughters is named Olivia and she spells her nickname the same way. It is an unusual spelling I think, but I like it. Plus, I never met a Livvy I didn't like.

I named Livvy after a woman I knew and she was such a great person that when we got Olivia...I had to name her this...we also would call her Livvy Lou...don't know why:)

Wow! I call Olivia "Livvy Lou" as well. I have another granddaughter named Alyssa and I have called her Lyssie-Lou since she was a baby. Her family shortened it to Lou and she has been Lou since she was a toddler. Now that she is in high school it's a funny name for a very cute little pixie girl, but the name just stuck. My family picks up on my many nicknames, but they are less enthusiastic about my naming my dog "Sully." It fits though, really.

Hey Jane. Long time. It's just natural from Livvy to Livvy Lou, like Lucy is Lucy Lou or LouLou. Hope all's well and that you are enjoying 2015. Love and happiness this year and always. Sorry I've been gone from this site for so long. It's just been crazy-busy, but I hope soon to be back. I miss all the photos/videos and Corgi stories, esp. the Corgi misbehaving stories!!

Wendy...you need to visit this site more often:) We miss you!

This is precious, btw! I love it when Rory gets a ball in his teeny little mouth; he looks so silly. :)

Sun is going through this phase too... She's nearly 8 months. 

I've bought her ridiculous amounts of chew toys and only her Kong Wubba (she ignores her classic Kong like yours, but the Kong Wubba was a massive hit) and her stuffed raccoon seem to satisfy her. 

As for chewy treats, since she is raw fed she can pretty much only get bully sticks and recreational bones, but since have to be given under supervision, she goes to town on shoes and furniture angles when I'm not home.

Sorry, not a helpful reply hahaha, I'll be looking out for advice too. 

On a side note, I've been told various times that antlers are way too hard and should not be given, especially to young dogs, as they are a frequent cause of broken teeth. 

My 8 year old corgi STILL wants to chew often.  We keep a nylabone in most rooms of the house.

We order the economy cow ears from bestbullysticks.com. They have tons of other chews too though.


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