Spoke with the vet this morning...Katie is free of cancer!!!  Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.  With the way things have been going since Thanksgiving for our family I was so afraid that it was going to one more difficult thing added.

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Wonderful:) So happy for all of you!

Great news!  Thanks for the update!


Wonderful news! So happy to hear that!

Happy, happy corgi dance

That is wonderful news! Thank you so much for sharing.

awesome, so happy to hear!!!

Great news!

Oh, that is great news! Very happy for you all...

I'm so happy for you! It seems like the results took awhile and I am not even Katie's owner. That must have felt interminable to you. I am SO glad you got an answer and a good one at that! Such an enormous relief! YAY!

Holly...it did take a long time it seemed.  I called once and was told it wasn't back yet.  This time when I called I spoke with one of the vets who did the surgery, she was not happy that I wasn't called when the result did come back.  I will be seeing her Monday afternoon when Katie gets her stitches out.  Katie will be so happy, she misses being able to go into her crate since the Ecollar won't fit thru the door.

Wow! That's wonderful news! Happy day!

Katie got her stitches out yesterday and she is one very happy corgi.  First order of business was to lick that leg and then the roll over back scratch and butt wiggle on the rug and then back to licking and more back scratching and butt wiggling.  I am so happy my girl is ok and that she is now back to normal.


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