What a day this could have been, but I am so gratetful, it turned out so well!!  My daughter and I  were just starting out our short walk this morning before we had to leave in about an hour.  We were just in front of our house, the dogs were doing their business, and all of a sudden, across the street is a dog being walked.  No big deal, right?  Well, Lance gets very excited when he sees another dog, and pulls pretty hard.  Well, before I knew it , he  pulled really hard and I hear his tags all jingling down to the grass!!! Lance takes two stpes into the street...and I in a panicked voice yelll, Lance, NO...back to the house!!!!!  He turned right back around and headed up our driveway to the garage door, taking a turn for the front door.  I tell him to sit, and he does...my daughter grabs his collar while I open the garage with the keyless entry.  Phewwwwwwwwww...... Good Boy!!!!!! 

I have to say I'm VERY impressed that Lance listened so well, with a dog being right across the street, that he wanted to go and say hello to.  The other dog was very calm too, no barking or anything. Lance wasn't barking either, he probably was in shock he was so free...lol.  The dog that was across the street has previously been walked off leash in our neighborhood, thankfully this time they had him on a leash. This dog also at one time was in our backyar, off leash, when I came home from work one day.  I immediately drove to the neighbors house, around the block to alert the owner.  She came right over and got her dog and he went right home with her.  If the dog had been off leash the scenario could have been a bit different today.  There was also a car coming down the street when Lance went to go cross the street as well, but was a good boy and listeneed to my commands.  :) 

We came into the house and Lance immediately was given treats.  So, how did lance escape??  The leash was clipped onto the tag collar ring instead of the collar ring, which is much stronger and should always be clipped to that ring.  My daughter accidentally clipped it to the wrong one, I have made that mistake with Lance when he was a puppy putting him on his lead outside in the backyard, that time he saw a jogger run by, and got a bit excited and pop...he was free.  I definately ALWAYS make sure I don't make that mistake again and I am sure my daughter will be more aware of where she is clipping the leash as well from now on. 


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Good lesson.  I have changed out the skimpy tag ring because Poopdeck got it snagged on a throw rug.  I took a few minutes to figure out what he was so distressed about.  (it was kinda funny to watch, sorry buddy)  I always make a sure I hit the correct ring, but this is a reminder to make sure Gregg does too!

Hey Natalie, this scenario is one of my big fears. Kirby got away from me once and was headed straight for a busy road. Somehow I got him to listen and he stopped before he ran out to the road. It was the last time the pups got away from me. We worked very hard on getting them to listen at open doorways. I am relieved for you that things worked out!

Phew. :) I am so glad Lance not only stayed safe, but listened to you so well! Perhaps he also heard a very different tone in your voice, because of the reality of the situation.

Good boy Lance!

A great ending! One of my neighbors was out in the yard with their dog and he suddenly decided to race across the street to greet another dog just as a car was going by. The owner did not have a good hold on the leash and ended up with a dog with a badly broken leg. We live in a neighborhood with very little traffic so the stars just must have been alined against them. It is an important reason to be ultra careful but the reality is that accidents just happen in spite of our best efforts. I am thankful Lance listened so well! Good boy, Lance!

Good boy, Lance!

I'm so glad to hear that he listened to you so well!  :)  I, too, have accidentally hooked the leash onto the tag rings.  I've also had Yuki's collar come right off!  That, though, was the result of Ellie playing/tugging at it and unhooking it without me realizing it.

Good boy indeed, Lance! I have to agree with Ludi in that Lance noticed a different tone in your voice. I've wondered the same thing with Noodles why he actually listens to me when it is necessary and then other times he looks at me and heads the other direction. I don't realize I'm saying anything differently, but obviously he notices something different in my voice. Glad all is well with Lance. Whew!

He is a good listener and give him  more treats from Dino. Glad it turned out so good. We will pay more attention to how and where we hook Dino and the rest of them up

I've accidentally clipped the leash onto the tag ring, too....Nimh's hair is so long!  I'm SOOOOO glad that Lance and the other pooch didn't get into the road.  Lance is such a good boy!  We are big Lance fans (and Tucker, too!).

I've seen this happen before also. It can be scary....glad Lance was such a good boy:)

I am so glad this story has a happy ending.  It is a lesson we all need to remember!!!

Yay Lance!!!  What a relief. :]  Extra cookies for Lance!


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