What was to be a fun day with the dogs and horses, turned out very bad for Nicky. Nicky suffered a kick to his head and eye. Thank god my vet was open today. I was so scared for him. As i prayed on the way there that he would be ok. his head was cut open above his eye, i couldn't really see his eye due to swelling. When we got there he was able to walk thank god. My concern was internal bleeding or his skull fractured. The vet didn't think it was. She gave him an IV for reducing internal swelling and cleaned his cut up. What we need to watch is his eye and any further swelling . I hope he doesn't lose his sight and that the swelling behind his eye goes down.  I feel so terrible, Nicky loves the horses, he has been around them for 5 years, and this is the 1st incident thats every happened.  Goes to show anything can happen anytime, no matter how careful you are. I hope he pulls thru ok. Along with keeping a bag of frozen peas on his head 10mins on every 20 min. for awhile and keeping him quite. Please God look over my Nicky and let him recover.

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Prayers your way from me and Baron.

I'm so sorry this happened. I'm also sure it wasn't your fault...horses can be so unpredictable. Best wished for your corgi and you.

Hope he will be OK- Best wishes to you both:)))

Hope he heals fast and completely!

Prayers coming your way for Nicky.  Hope Nicky will be ok. 

Praying for a speedy recovery for you Nicky...accidents do happen. I'm sure Rebecca will feel better when you are too:)

Im so sorry, ill say a prayer for your Nicky


Owwie:( Poor pup.

Hope he feels better sooooon.

My prayers are with both of you!!

Fingers, paws, feathers and claws all crossed for Nicky's complete recovery!  Poor pooch!  You're right, things just do happen sometimes no matter what you do. 

Any update on how Nicky's doing?

First i want to thank all my corgi friends for your prayers and well wishes for Nicky and Nicky thanks you to. Morning update so far, he is resting. Just put his medicine in his eye. He is getting much love and and snuggling. Will have to watch him the rest of the 48 hours. I keep going over in my head the awful sight it was to see that happened and hear him yelp and whine, so sad. So greatful it wasn't worse, he could of been killed or even a severe brain injury, so so lucky. I've been telling him as i hold him what a lucky dog you are to escape what could of been a very bad situation, as well as i am lucky for still having him, he is my love and heart and sole dog. Wont know if there is any damage to his eye until all the swelling goes down. Its so wonderful to have such wonderful FB friends. Its such a help to have someone to talk to that understands how much we love our corgis.



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