Florida corgi VS Toronto Raccoon


I have a stubborn raccoon that camps out on my 2nd floor balcony, it keeps coming back every other night and causing the corgis to bark in the middle of the night. I had a talk with the condo management and they said animal control will not come out, the only thing they suggested was pouring "bleach" around the balcony. The balcony have no trash, food or plants, so most of the internet suggestions do not apply to my situation. 

Vienna: "Open the gate dad, it's an oversize squirrel!" 


The racoon is quite bold, it will not back off, when I use a broom to "sweep" him off, it growls and hold his ground. The corgis can bark all night long and he will not move an inch away from the sliding door. The only thing that "worked" so far is a water squirting bottle, it'll move but only to crawl to my next door neighbour's balcony.

Notice how FAT this raccoon is?


When the "coast" is cleared, he'll climb back :(


Raccoon: "curse you! I shall return!"


Any ideas?




"Randy" the raccoon crossed the rainbow bridge tonight, he was hit by a car earlier this evening, I picked up his body and lay him on the sidewalk :( 


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We had a stray cat hanging around our house one time.  Animal control brought us a trap-type cage that we baited with a can of cat food.  When the cat went in to get the food the door sprang shut and animal control took cat and cage away.  Sounds like you need something like that.

Why won't animal control help you?  Racoons can be dangerous.

Very nice looking racoon:)  They can be vicious and carry horrible disceases which I'm sure you know. I would call animal control and see what they suggest as I don't know if a live trap would work or not but they might bring you one and pick up the coon if caught? I don't have any idea about the bleach or anything else that would act as a repellant...sorry!
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@Jane - I'm confused (a normal state for me) about Shake-Away. What did you use Shake Away for and how did you use it around your dogs? I need help with raccoons. And, apparently the coyote population has recently gotten out of hand. We always had them in the neighborhood, but for the last few days, Jack has spotted several on our street and the neighboring streets. Our neighbors have also seen many more than usual, especially in the daytime.

@ Lucy....I never used the  shake away so I can't help but I think it may have coyote urine in it????? Can't remember what it said:( Sorry Lucy!

That's odd that animal control wouldn't come out, especially with an animal that is obviously unafraid of people. Around here I think they usually will loan you a live trap and then come pick it up when you catch it.


Don't they make some sort of electrified mat to train cats off of counters and things like that? No idea if it would work on a balcony though...

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I just got off the phone with Toronto Animal Services, they will not come out period. Apparently it is illegal to trap and release wildlife in the city of Toronto ($5K fine), so live trapping is out of the question. The only thing that they advised me is go to walmart and get a bottle of ammonia, soak several rags and place them on the balcony. Time to go shopping :)
omg too funny I live in the woods and my son left our patio door open and one came inside and ate the chicken I had out for dinner I had to bleach the whole kitchen lol I hope you get rid of it very soon
I would try Cayenne pepper. Sprinkle it around the balcony maybe it will make your balcony less interesting.
mouse traps! We had problems with raccoons getting into our pond on our patio and eating the faces off our fish (yeah only the faces not the whole fish....weird). Anyway, we placed upsidedown mouse traps all over the perimeter of the pond and its enough to scare them but not hurt them. The trap still snaps and pops up but it doesn't actually snap on the animal. Also, call your local humane society or a wildlife rescue type place. It really is a danger to have a raccoon who is not scared of humans lurking around an apartment building. Even if it is illegal, the wildlife places should have the appropriate permits to catch the raccoon. Wrap double sided tape around the rails of the balcony and mouse traps on the ground.
Sam, I watched a David Suzuki program about Toronto racoons the other evening. I missed the end so am not sure if they offered solutions to the problem. There are soooo many in Toronto. They are really amazing animals. Maybe try and find the show and give it a watch!
Thanks Justine! David Suzuki is da man :) I watched it on CBC, great documentary! I had no idea Toronto is the capital of Raccoons, no wonder the Resident Evil Franchise were filmed here.


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