I just was thinking of this last night and was trying to decide in just a few words how to sum them up!

Wynn: The perfect gentleman!
Wiley: Nothing about me without me or stand by my side!
Rainy: Needy but sweet!
Bella: The perfect mother...loving but strict!
Livvy: Lively with a rebellious side!

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Bear - Relaxed and a bit sneaky.
Goldy - Mrs. Olsen from Little House on the Prairie.
Oh come on...she can't be that bad!!!!
LOL she is, but I LOVE her! She just has that look about her - "Who are you and who are your people?" "Why are you here?" " Ooooohhhhh NEEELLLLLSSSS!"
Daisy: It's all about me!
Poppy: Is all sweetness and snuggles.
Alex: Clever little devil! haha

The pic says it all...love the ear through the towel!
Miranda: I am the good one

Morgan: I didn't do it and you cannot prove otherwise!!!
I want more love and I want to go with you wherever you go
Sparty: Super smart, dominant and noisey
Izzy: Sweet, wants to be loved by everyone and a little lazy
Misty: Very affectionate, a little dim, and suspicious of strangers
Fun to think about Jane!
Thanks Bev,
I thought it would be fun and they're nice and short so I had to think exactly what I wanted to say!
The smartest one in the room until you prove her otherwise!
I'm not sure about one sentence, but my husband says that if our Corgis were a couple, they'd be Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe!!!


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