I don't want to sound like a bad person or know it all, but I get so mad when I read that people are intentionally crossbreeding Corgis. Corgis are great like they are and don't need to be re-designed by these folks thinking their cross bred mutts are somehow superior. Just my opinion, but darn it people stop trying to fix something not broken.

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I've read some about the hybred dogs and it sounds like they have more health issues...also what do people do with the ones that don't turn out to be the cute little dog they hope to have but some ugly(excuse me...) looking puppy??? Any one know??? I agree...don't mess with perfection!
Well, mutts happen, but my main concern is puppy mills.

I have seen a lot of adds for these designer hybrids, and it seems to me that what they have done is created a system where they can have a few dozen females and just a couple males, keep breeding the various breed females to one or two males, and then invent a name.

The last one I heard was a "Cavashon" which is a mix between a Bichon and a Cavalier King Charles. It was cute in a non-descript lap-dog way, but King Charles Spaniels are absolutely riddled with very serious health problems, and I just can't imagine how this cross was a good thing.
Just wanted to add that I am sure people love their designer crosses very much and I would never criticize someone's pet, but it's the breeding facilities that I am worried about.

If someone was, say, trying to breed a better herding dog and wanted to cross in Corgis and had a good program going on, I would not have an issue with that. But the puppy mill thing really bothers me a lot.
These are very serious concerns indeed. We recently saw an ad for a dalmation/corgi mix that ended up in the humane society because someone intentionally bred it, and it didn't turn out "cute enough." Also, there can be such a risk of health problems, not knowing the genetic backgrounds and temperments, along with all the other overall cons of backyard breeding that the dogs that are bred might not have the best lives overall. There are definitely some adorable crosses out there, my problem is just with people who cross dogs and don't know what they're doing, or who don't treat them properly.
I worry about this too! Seems like many of the hybrids come from people who have a lot of different breeds. There is way too little regulation now and these breeders don't even have AKC or UKC behind them. We had a standard poodle for 18 years and he was a great dog. Now everyone wants a golden or labradoodle. The problem is many of those puppies shed profusely and end up in shelters because of it. We never had our poodle shaved in a poodle cut and he looked great. I say if you want a non shedding breed , get the real thing. I have nothing against mutts, they are great, but any breeder will tell you how hard it is to develop specific traits and the shelters are full of great dogs that were not what their owners expected! I would hate to see corgis become the next designer dog.
Standard Poodles made our short list of dog breeds, but my husband could not abide by the "froof" factor. I tried to explain that you can keep them in a puppy cut and they look great, but he wouldn't hear of it and we ended up choosing Corgis. Now of course I'm thrilled and could not imagine us with any other breed, as Jack is perfect for us. But the funny thing is, after we had decided on Corgis, we met a standard poodle at a riverfest, and Shawn was saying how great a dog it was, and he said "What kind of dog was that again?" and I laughed when I told him it was the much-despised Poodle!

Poodles got a bad rap from the poorly-bred "teacup" toys, but the Standards are lovely dogs and don't really shed. However, a lot of men think they lack the macho factor, I think, and hence the "Doodles." Many of which, as you say, do shed. And since Poodles and Labradors were both originally retrieving breeds, other than coat types the two don't really add a great deal to each other's gene pool.
That is funny! My husband was resistant for the same reason but I assured him we would never have a poodle cut. I had young kids and worked fulltime and wanted a non-shedding dog. fortunately our local vet had a champion female with puppies. He was a great dog but after he died we wanted a smaller dog because we travel a lot. Most people thought he was some kind of hunting dog and two different neighbors got standards after being around him. Now we are corgi people, I would miss the attitude now that I have experienced it.
I just wish people would realize it isn't like mixing paint colors to match your couch. I think when you mix breeds that you get a muddled version of both dogs and they end up pretty nondescript--- like mixing purple and green... you get blah. And if you really want a new breed of dog (barf on the name designer breed) then call it a great new name- name it after your kid or something or your neighbor's kid- don't cleverly mix the new names.
I heard that Queen Elizabeth, a long time Corgi enthusiast, breeds Corgis. She has cross bred Corgis and dachshunds before (I saw a picture of her getting off of a plane with one of these dogs). I think they call them "Dorgis"... whatever. I don't agree with intentional crossbreeding of any kind. I am totally sickened by the "hybrid" dog craze.
I read about that, but in the article the dogs origins are described differently. The queen was given a corgi as a present many years ago, and her sister was given a Dachshund. The dogs inter breed and there were corgi mixes running around the castle along with the pure bred corgi's other people have gifted to the queen. I am not sure if she still has any, or if she purposefully bred corgi mixes after, but it was supposed to have started that way.
The worst thing is the "breed" name they give to those Corgi cross breeds.
Dorgi? Cojack?
Give me a break! >_/body>
Sadly if there is a market it will happen. Some mixes are intentonal (just think designer dogs) and some are just because someone didnt care to spay/neuter their pet. One only need to take a trip to their local shelter to see the many mix breeds looking for a home.


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