Jerry is smack in the middle of, hormone-riddled adolescence right now.

It's a little hilarious, a little terrible and a whole lot of frustrating right now.

When he came home from the hospital for his pneumonia recovery (he's a lot better now, btw. Still healing every day, but we can socialize him again!) he was so sweet1  Wandering to the door when he had to use the bathroom and waiting for us, playing new games, being respectful to the house...  then it all came crashing down.

Right now we're back on puppy pee schedule.  2 hours max, and every time he starts sniffing we go out. The hour count goes up if he's calm in his crate. Usually 5 hours, no problem. One difference between now and puppyhood is that he doesn't usually fool around outside instead of going to the bathroom.  His pee smells so bad!! Does anyone recall if that's an adolescent/puberty thing?  He has an accident on one of his beds and it REEKS.  I'm going to have to find baby diaper detergent because the smell isn't going away.

He does this "herdy" thing when we're walking, where he'll grab our pants or shoes.  Now when we say "No" and stand still, he usually relents and starts walking again. Sometimes he'll retaliate and snap at our clothes or arms.  THAT is not cool at all.  The puppy method of being a tree or leaving the room usually works but he is relentless! 

We've just signed up for the secondary puppy obedience class that has the nickname of "Support Group."  I can't wait.  Jerry loves training and *I* need to learn what I can do to redirect this behavior into positive energy.  I'm losing my mind!

I know there's a lot of adolescent posts on here, spanning different years.  Just wondering if anyone is stuck in that age group now.  Would love to share stores :)

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I'm trying to condition him for affection, because I have a feeling he's not going to be a snuggler and I want as much as I can get.  Sometimes we'll invite him on the couch, and he'll hop up, lay down, and sigh.  Then he gets all annoyed and antsy like we're confining him.  It's so silly.  "Stop smothering me!!!" "We're...not touching you, Jerry."  Dork.

He's not a face licker, as much as a face biter but recently we were on the couch and he climbed on my chest and just started nuzzling and licking my face.  I couldn't stop laughing uncontrollably for like 10 minutes while he kept going.  It was the BEST.  That was one of those sweet teenager moments.  Hasn't happened again, lol.

How old is Jerry?

Our Corgi is almost 2 now.  We got him at 3 months in November in Chicago and it was so cold for him to play outside that he had a lot of crazy energy he couldn't spend indoors.  I remember I actually had to make a plan for him to do something just about EVERY day so he could be calm in the evenings.  I took him to training twice a week, trained 15 mins on off days and took him to pet smart just to walk around.  In Feb. we got a foster dog about the same age, they used up their extra energy together and wore each other out.  It was good for our dog and helped another get a home :-)  

My suggestion is to try to do as many things you can think of to keep his mind active, because that combined with exercise and playing should help to wear him out.  Maybe see if you can find appropriate doggie play dates for him.  We also played a lot of ball in the house and tug-of-war :)


It's funny, because our corgi will be 2 in July, and he has really calmed down.  He can still crazy play, but life is a nice mix now of active and relaxed times.  We currently have a 15 year old foster dog at our house, and watching the two of them....makes me think I will really miss the crazy's fun to watch.

good luck!

Hi Carolyn,

Jerry is 7 months now, so he's in the early stages of all of this.  He LOVES the dog park and he's always a lot better after we go there.  Also, we take him as many places with us as we can.  We all enjoyed a bbq this weekend and he was great.  Met some new dog friends.

We're hoping to start with a dog walker during the week (while we work) very soon.  I imagine that will help as well.  Thanks for your tips!!  The energy IS fun, it's when the energy is focused on being BAD that it's difficult, haha.

Your Jerry is VERY cute, and he will calm down....before you know it, it'll be this time next year and you will be amazed at the difference!  I've been there, our Sonny was also very, very active. It's good that you are crate training him, and you sound like you are doing many great things with him.  Lucky for you you're in a year round warm climate and you can do many outside things year round!  Have you ever thought of doing a couple of days a week at "doggie day care" ?  He would probably love it and come home nice and tired.  Also, try to train every night, just 15 mins., I was amazed at how much 15 mins. of training helps per really does tire out their little minds :o) and the more you train with him, the more he will see you as the one in charge....the one he should listen to...the one who gives him those great treats and tells him "good boy" when he does something he is supposed to do :o).  Sometimes in addition to treats, I use "crazy" praise.  When he did something right, especially for the first time, I would "throw a party" "go crazy" tell him he was the VERY BEST dog in the world and make a HUGE deal.  Like when he learned to stand, roll over, play dead etc. I'd rub his tummy, ears, wrestle with him etc....really worked :)

For his peeing every 2 hrs.  I suggest asking the Vet if any of the medicines he received while at the hospital can be causing the excessive urination.  Steroids in particular will do that and the effect can last way longer than they tell you.  I would also mention the stronger odor. 

My thoughts were on the same thing as Anna.  The peeing so often and the strong odor.  I would talk to the vet about it.  As Anna said steroids can make them have to pee more often because it increases their thirst yet a strong odor can mean the urine is concentrated...not enough fluid.  As for the other, training and burning off that energy.

I agree with Anna, talk to the vet. It is great that you are training and taking classes. This is a stage that you just have to remain consistent through. When it is over, you will have a great family member. He sounds smart and active. Are you also including training tricks? It is fun and occupies the mind in a way that exercise doesn't.

About the snuggling.....our corgi took awhile to bond, in fact he started to really bond with our first foster dog, and when that dog left after 6 weeks, he turned to us and that's when he really started to become affectionate (at about 9 mos).  Now, he is the best snuggle dog I've ever had :o) .   Just keep picking him up gently for small bits of time, keep handling him often for very short time frames, and maybe try putting him down before he's had enough.....before he has a chance to want to be left alone.  That's what I did.... 6 months is still very young :) and the others are right on - the things you take the time do now will leave you with a great dog for the next 15 years!


That sounds kinda like a urinary tract infection. Just went through that with Ruby, who's just a babe. Frequent urination and strong odor are also signs of a UTI. Better have the vet look into that.

In the meantime, you may be able to help dilute his urine by adding water to his food. Ruby now gets 1/4 cup of water over every bowl of food -- about one ounce per pound of weight.

Not really sure what is going on with Jerry, but I wouldn't worry about any behavioral or bladder problems if he is taking prednisone, which is usually prescribed for pneumonia. I have taken it myself, and my dog has taken it. We should never be held responsible for anything we do when we are on the "'roids!" Also, it makes it impossible to ignore mood swings and a sudden, voracious hunger. I have a love/hate relationship with the stuff. I hope he calms down when he tapers off the steroids!


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