We just got some very distressing news about our little Sophie. We had taken her in for testing to rule out Cushing disease. She had become "paunchy," had some hind end weakness and lethargy; my sister's dog had these same symptoms and was Dx'd with Cushing, so we thought that was a possibility. The tests came back negative for that, but her albumin levels were off. So we took her in for a re-check and a liver bile acids test, since she was due for that anyhow. (We do this every so often due to her phenobarbital for seizures being hard on the liver.) The vet told us that she felt some enlarged, slightly firm lymph nodes under Sophie's chin and did some aspirate samples to send in for analysis, too. This scares me big time. Poor little Sophie; she has had a rough go of it with her seizures (and she had been doing so well for so long lately) and now this. Tuesday will be her 10th birthday, too. I hope this turns out to be not as dire as I fear it is. Please send a good thought Sophie's way!

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So sorry to hear your bad news. Poor Sophie. Such a bad time of year to get the news as well. Please keep us posted.

I'm so sorry....hopefully there is something that can be easily done and help!

Sending hugs your way and a scratch for Sophie.  I hope the oncologist has better news for you. 

So sorry to hear what Sophie and you are all going through. 


I am so sorry you heard so much bad news! I hope Sophie is more comfortable at least now. I am so sorry you have to make some tough decisions about her care when you can never be sure exactly what is best, but you are loving, caring pet owners so Sophie will get just what she needs, whatever you decide is best for her. I hope you get some good news about treatment at least. You all deserve a break. You are all in our thoughts!

I am sorry to hear you had negative results from Sophie's test results. I know you will do what is best for her. Blessings to you all.

As the day of Sophie's appointment draws near, I am feeling mixed feelings stronger than ever. On the one hand, I want to know if there is something to be done for her, but on the other, I fear and don't want to hear that there is nothing to be done for her. The epilepsy was tough to deal with in the early days, but at least we got it under control. Cancer sucks raw woodpecker eggs --- big time (as one of my friends from way back when used to say).
Sophie has been in pretty good spirits and the antibiotic for the UTI seems to be working. We went to the neighborhood Christmas tree lighting last Friday night and she got tons of rubs and ear scratches from all and sundry --- she LOVES that! Especially from teenage girls who squeal and "awww" over her. Saturday she helped choose our Christmas tree, much to the delight of the 12 year old granddaughter of the man who runs the lot. We could barely get Sophie to get back into the car with the girl petting her the whole time! She marched right into the warming hut with the girl. This weekend we will head over to one of her favorite dog supply shops, which will be closing in January :-(. She can always count on some lovin' and some treatin' from the women who work there. I'll be sad to see them go; it is a great little place.
I will post again after the appointment. Thanks for all your good wishes and healing thoughts.

Is there a Hospice type program for pets? My neighbor's nearly 20 year old cat was not feeling well last week and she sensed he was taking a turn for the worse but she didn't want to subject him to pointless tests and x-rays, as well as expensive and uncomfortable tests at his age. She had a couple of days that were hard for her because he stopped moving around much and he stopped eating, but he died in less than 48 hours at home in his sleep. I am glad she didn't have to watch her cat endure much intervention but it is hard to know when the intervention is a good idea. It would be good if there were some practitioners that could help pet owners figure out how to manage care, but maybe there are or perhaps the vets are good at that? Either way, I am sorry you have to deal with such a hard situation. I hope Sophie is still having happy days and you are as well.

Please know that my prayers are with Sophie that the vets have some good answers.  Sophie doesn't understand the illness stuff but she does understand all the fun and loving things you are doing now, she lives in the moment.  She is having the best times with the people she loves the most.  My hope is that they continue for a long time.

Holly...I have to say my vet is truly kind and caring for pets that are facing the end.  He doesn't subject them to painful or expensive test, he pretty much already knows what is going on.  He has been comforting to us when a decision had to be made but he also knew when to let them be in their own home. He has always assured me that they are not in pain, to just love them and let them be at peace. But if I do need him I can call him at any day and at any time and he is has been there for us.  7am on a Sunday morning, 11pm at night and even a Christmas Eve.  For that I have always been grateful.

Christmas Eve? That man or woman is a Christmas Angel who got into the business for all the right reasons. I sliced the top of my finger off on a vegetable slicer on Thanksgiving morning. The doctor on call called back immediately and apologized several times when her babies cried during our telephone consultation. I was fine, but my family insisted I call or head to the ER due to the chaos that ensues following a really bloody cut. I have so much respect for pediatricians, on-call Docs, and vets (not to mention police, Fire fighters and EMTs) who work day and night to keep us, and our loved ones safe at all hours!

Holly...I also had a mental picture of bridesmaids carrying corgis down the aisle like bouquets of flowers.  I would love to see one of them carrying my 37lb fluffy down the aisle.


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