I've been in the new house for a week now and things seem to be going pretty well so far. Kirby had some major anxiety during the move (I slowly moved over the course of about 1 week) and had regressed quite a bit when we first started staying in the new place. He quit eating, was peeing/pooping inside, whining and barking in his crate, etc. He is now better in his crate, eating again (thanks to some extra stinky pedigree wet food), and is starting to go in his crate again without too much of a fight. Turns out he is a digger though. I didn't have dirt in my old yard but I have found a couple nice big holes he dug while I was sleeping so we will have to curb that behavior.  Him and Franklin are back to being best buddies for now and have been running around like crazy loving all the extra space. Last night Kirby did get aggressive but I corrected him immediately and they played a lot more last night and this morning with no issues.  I think his medication is starting to kick in, it says it can take 4-6 weeks before you see results and we are right around the 5 week mark and I am noticing improvement in his anxiety. We used to go out for 2+ hours of play and Kirby would be running like a mad man the whole time up and down the beach at the river and I could tell a lot of that behavior seemed to be out of anxiety and not from energy. Since I live farther from work now the dogs aren't getting out for as long, but yesterday I took them out and had my lunch in a park by my house and after the initial 10 minute run and play session, Kirby actually sat down!!! He has NEVER sat or lay down on a walk so this was huge. He did it again today, its like he can finally listen to his body when it says its tired. Before he would run like a maniac and then get home and limp and whine and moan from over exertion. At home he is more mellow too and will lay around the house more and will play quietly with his toys and harrass Franklin a bit less. I'm hopeful we may be heading in the right direction.

Franklin is taking the move like a champ, as expected. The only thing we are dealing with is constant "woofing" at all the new sounds. He doesn't usually full out bark at stuff (though he has a few times here), but he will walk around woof woof woofing. He always does this in a new place where he isn't used to sounds, but this place has low windows that he can see out in front and also has a little alley out my back gate so there are lots of new people and dogs walking by. I have seen some improvement already, but I am just using it as a good training session to get him to "quiet" when I tell him to. He is getting good about not responding to the neighbors barking dog, but when people walk by he still gets pretty growly. I guess that is to be expected though since he is just protecting his house, but I"m hoping that I will eventually be able to let him alarm woof once or twice and then tell him to quiet and he actually will stop lol. He usually woofs and leaves the room because he knows he isn't supposed to and I will hear him growling in the other room, I am now teaching him to woof and come to me instead so I can quiet the behavior and give him lots of praise when he stops. It seems to be working much better than allowing him to leave the room and hide and woof like he used to.

So overall I am hopeful that the move to a nice big place will help everyone live more peacefully together and hopefully Kirby can stay :-D

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Very good news, hope things continue to get better.

Aww yea, way to go everyone. :D I hope Kirby continues his improvement. :)

Good news!  I'm glad Kirby is starting to calm down a little.  Hope his improvement continues

Great news:)


Good News..........Fingers and Paws are crossed

Great news! Let me know if you find a way to curb the digging. Kadi is a digger too. Especially since we have sooooooooooo many moles in our yard. Her nickname is Kadi Diggles now. LOL

So happy to hear this.  I watched it's me or the dog the other night that had a dog that had so much separation anxiety that he actually went threw a second story window.  Some of the episodes are on line. 

It's such good news that Kirby might be able to work out after all! I was hoping everything would work out! (:

Great news!


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