Hi all. Just wondering whether your little boy corgis lift their legs when peeing outside. Howie has started to do this recently. We wondered whether he ever would since he's so short. Now he does about 50% of the time. Pretty cute. :)

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Wynn lifts his leg also and to varying degrees. My females also lift their legs on occasion but not as high but they sure all have to go in the same place when one starts it!
Haha! Maddie does this too! It's funny; it's like they say "Oh, time to pee now!" The habit's very helpful when you bring in a new dog and are showing them where to go.
Steve started to lift his leg when he was around 4months old. He would lift his leg when he found a patch of grass that was slightly taller than the surrounding grass (I guess a tree was out of the question at the time with those super short puppy legs).
Sometimes Shiro changes the legs while peeing, so funny
Basil didn't start doing it until he was like 6 months old. Now he does it most of the time but he doesn't lift his leg very high. My female seems to lift her leg higher than him. LOL
Brody was lifting his tiny leg when we brought him home at 8 weeks. It was so funny. But now he's stopped lifting and just squats. Craqar always has to lift his leg at the light pole we pass going to the dog park. Sometimes he loses his balance and almost falls, LOL!! Those short little legs are awesome!!
Vivi lifts his leg 100% of the time when he's marking a bush or something, but I've seen him squat when he's just peeing to pee.

He also does that crazy scratching thing after he pees on a tree in the grass. We call it his moonwalk because he ends up going backwards. Does anyone know why dogs do this?
My corgi mix Bruce does that too. One theory I've heard is that they do it to spread their scent around and make it seem that a much bigger dog was there.
Yeah, that's what I always thought. He used to do it after pooping too, but I started discouraging it since he ended up with poo on his back paws a few times. I also won't let him do it on gravel. He makes a mess, and that can't feel good on his paws!
Hank is a hugely celebratory back leg scratcher after peeing and pooing (he once managed to kick poo onto my husband, so I appreciate why this one is much less cute!). It's often followed by a little joyful hop! I'm intrigued by the sense that it spreads the scent around. The only other thing I've heard is that it's intended to cover up the spot - but that seems like more of a cat-type action...
My male corgi does that too!! Hes 6 months old too although he will lift his leg sometimes, but rarely.
Wow, I didn't know that girl corgis sometimes lift their legs too! I've never seen our Nellie do it.


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