Our corgi has now been attacked multiple times by large dogs who disregard their hidden electric fence and charge down the street at us while we are on our daily walks. Last night was the worst its ever been. The first dog pinned down Rigby while the second dog clamped down on Rigby's rump. My husband tried to fight off these dogs and thankfully a witness came running from across the street to help.

I've spoken with the owner of these dogs multiple times now, and she keeps using the "battery must not be working" excuse. She apologized and offered to pay any vet bills, but I'm still very upset. Rigby is now nervous around large dogs.

Should I report this to our local authorities?

How can I help Rigby overcome his anxiety of large dogs?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


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I would report it - the dog's owner clearly has no interest in rectifying the situation.  Jake was attacked once by a large dog and ever since then I'm constantly on watch to avoid any large dogs during our walks.  Fortunately he doesn't seem to be any worse for wear as far as any anxiety goes.

Yes, report them. That is ridiculous. Once I can see but multiple times? Get a physical fence or keep your dogs in.

Do you know anyone with large, friendly dogs? The more chance your guy has to interact safely with large dogs, the less impact the attack will have. Mine have had a few bad experiences but because they meet tons of dogs all the time it doesn't bother them too much. If you don't know a group you can interact with, maybe take a class? Some of them offer play time before or after with other well-socialized dogs.

I am sorry you are in this situation. People can be awful.

Yes, report it! Sometime Rigby or another dog may not be so lucky! Do you have some friends that have mellow big dogs that you could start by walking by. Maybe have them all sit/wait while you chat for a minute? I would be nervous too. What about a can of pepper spray along if those two come close again??? I wouldn't let them get close...easier said than done:(

I agree with the others, definitely report it.  Obviously those dogs are dangerous and the owner doesn't get a crap.  Next time they could seriously injure (or kill) a dog or even a child.  Finding some stable, friendly large dogs Rigby can interact with is a good idea.  I am so sorry you have had to deal with this.  Some people should just not have dogs!

These stories make my blood boil. I'm so sorry you and Rigby had to deal with this! I would not presume to have the right answer for you but I would be tempted to stop by the house (not alone) and not with Rigby, to get a statement in writing signed that holds the homeowners responsible for any related follow up medical cost.

I would stay away from saying anything about your dog's condition since his real well-being is not yet determined. That way, if he does develop any phobias or related medical issues, such as skin breakdown from licking due to anxiety or something, he can get vet care and, if necessary, behavioral support from a good trainer to help him get used to gentle bigger dogs in a not threatening setting. That can be very helpful to return his confidence, but it is not a cost you expected and you should not incur that cost. Having another (calm) adult with you when you approach these clueless fools can help keep things calm and serve as a witness if the other owners try to renege. Having everything documented, with copied for the town and/or other authorities should help insure no animal or child are attacked. Also, it is important, but all but impossible to stay calm when you poor little dog is scared, but the calmer you can be around large but gentle dogs, the more calm Rigby can be. Even getting between the other dog and Rigby will probably let him know you can protect him most of the time. Do they sell bear spray or any other deterrents where you live? I would hope you don't need it, but it may be a short-term solution if you have no options and have to risk walk by that house. So unfair, so cruel and so stupid!

Thank you all of your suggestions and for your support! Rigby seems to be doing good, but of course was on alert when we headed out for our walk last night. He heard the bully dogs barking at another dog who happened to be walking by, and then he started to bark. We calmly proceeded and walked away from that area of the block quickly. He seemed okay once we had some distance.

My husband and I are going to request to see the bully dogs' vet records to be sure they are vaccinated. We are also filing a report with our village. I do not want any dog to be attacked like Rigby was or have a person bit. I don't feel badly about doing this because I've given this neighbor chances to fix the problem. When she told my husband that was the first time the dogs had gotten out, she was lying. I had previously spoken with her twice before this latest incident.

We will try to find some large, friendly dogs Rigby can social with. I'm thinking the biggest challenge is having me and my husband learn to relax!!  My husband said last night he was still on edge and couldn't get the images of these dogs biting down on Rigby out of his head. I'm so grateful they weren't physically hurt, and hope the emotional/behavioral injuries can be healed quickly.

Pepper spray is illegal where we live. We're now carrying a long, solid waking stick.

A squirt bottle loaded with ammonia will do the job. Aim for the face. Hair spray may also work -- often contains alcohol.

Can you walk some other route that will take you nowhere near these idiots' property? Cassie was pounced by a German shepherd that some neighbors leave out in front when their small kids are outdoors. I can understand their concern -- this isn't a great neighborhood -- though I find it puzzling that one would leave one's children with a dog for a babysitter... WhatEVER! I no longer go in that direction when I leave the house with the corgis...that end of the street is off-limits for us.

Glad that you are reporting them....they are a tragedy waiting to happen.  People who have dogs like that always say it's the first time.  Pepper spray is also illegal here in NY.  What I do is carry a small sized air freshener, hair spray, deoderant ...anything that can spray that would be an irritant to eyes/nose.  Good places to look for them are like Target, WalMart, your pharmacy where they have travel sized products.  Even if it does get in Rigby's eyes they can be flushed but it can stop an attack effectively.

I'd get a stun gun...one that you just touch the prongs to the attacker.  These are made for humans, but if this keeps occurring, I'd zap them.  Once should teach them to leave you alone.

Where does one get one of these stun guns? We are over run with very bold, aggressive wild fishers (like wolverines). They are a bit smaller than your average corgi, but much more aggressive. They will go after anything. I would feel much safer if I were packing one of those on walks.

I bet Rigby will get over it quickly, but he will pick up on your energy if you stay anxious. Eyeball some new neighborhoods to walk in and greet and get barked at by different dogs, itll be good for both of you. Even just going to a park and eyeballing the super friendly well behaved dogs to say hi to. Don't let the anxiety build, they pick up on your anxiety for sure.

I tried to report this incident to our village and was told to call the police. The officer asked me if I wanted the owner arrested on two counts, since there were two dogs! I was a bit shocked. I didn't know she could be arrested just on my request. I said I did not want her arrested, but asked for the officer to warn her, and confirm her dogs are vaccinated and seeing a vet. I'm hoping the police visit wakes her up, and she comes up with a better solution to keeping her dogs contained. 

Rigby is doing good. He is excited to get his leash on and head out and seems to be walking without anxiety. We have been avoiding the area of the attack.


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