well, just got back from the vets office and i am less than pleased. i showed the vet what i was concerned with (crack in badens tooth) and she just kept looking at me like i was dumb. she took her nail and then a tool to scrape over the crack but all she kept saying was "i really think its nothing" but still wants to do blood work and then do a teeth cleaning for that one tooth which will cost me about 300. she says its not like a crack but more of a groove in the tooth so its confusing on what i should do at this point

another thing is she feels like baden needs to be on anti anxiety pills. while we were there he was trembling horribly and growled at everyone and every noise but the growling at people has always just been something he has done and then runs right up to that person for attention with ears back and nub waging (i visited the breeders house and he did this at 6weeks) so it may just be something he does? 

once we were in the exam room he was growling because he could hear another dog so he wouldnt stop. the vet walked in and he growled a lot, even when she was looking at his teeth. but once the dog was gone he stopped. he NEVER gave the indication that he wanted to bite. she didnt believe me he was acting like that because of the other dog until the dog left and he stopped instantly. so both the vet and assistant scraped his teeth with the tool and he sat there the whole time and waited patiently.

dont get me wrong baden is super sweet and affectionate but there are times where he just growls and i correct him and he just cant stop. i have no idea why he does this. but maybe meds will help??

ugh idk what to think right now, the whole visit was just a horrible experience and i wont go back there. i did the right thing by taking my dog to the vet to be sure hes ok and the vet thinks im dumb for coming in, in the first place and then says baden needs meds. what a day :/

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He was in a very stressful situation today. Does he show the same behavior at other times? How is he at classes or in busy areas?

Anxiety meds are a huge step. I would work with a trainer or behavioralist first. My last dog was on anxiety meds, but he suffered from panic attacks. Anything from falling leaves, snow, wind, cars would set him off. He was much more comfortable in his skin after he started his meds.

he was clearly stressed and when i worked for the vet office in AR i brought him there all the time and he would never shake or growl the way he did yesterday. he would sometimes growl if he hear another dog but once he seen them he would stop. out in public he dosnt do this, he wants to go up and say hi and is very curious when he sees other dogs and people but around the apartment complex he will growl at some of the people if they are far away but once are close he stops. in pets stores and such though he is perfectly fine so what i seen yesterday was heartbreaking :(

Tom was anti-anxiety meds when we moved into our new apartment, but only for about 2 weeks for separation anxiety.  They definitely made him drowsy and more subdued than normal ... so I was glad it was only a temporary situation! I'm sorry you guys had such a crappy day at the vet :( 

thank you, it was a horrible first experience for both of us. after we moved here i did see his anxiety go up but i figured it being a new place he would settle down and which he has for the most part. he dosnt like going potty around the complex as its always busy with people and the other day he got attacked by a stray cat so hes a little reluctant but once i assure him its ok he does his business and then we carry on.

when we first moved here if we left the apartment he would howl and break out of his kennel to stare at us out the window but he dosnt do this any more. he waits in his pen like a good boy and we dont hear him cry when we leave

Unless he's obviously anxious all the time, there is no way I'd put my dog on meds.

I have a dog that sounds like she's growling but she's just vocalizing....could that be it?  Without seeing the dogs body language it's hard to determine...

If you're not happy, I definitely wouldn't go back there!!  

he will make grunt noises but sometimes i cant tell if they are growls or not. i have never seen him so anxious like he was so i am not going back there. i want his vet experiences to be pleasant, not scary :(

Personally, I would use a different vet!   

Jack has a grumble that sounds like a growl.  He grumbled during our CGC/TDI test and I was sure he would flunk, but luckily the tester was very familiar with Corgis and just laughed at it.

Go to a different vet. I don't know if one is near you aside from this one, but she sounds rather unprofessional in her bedside manner and it appears she subscribes to the school of "medication over rehabilitation" wrt his anxiety. I'd be personally offended if someone I'm meant to TRUST, i.e. a vet, would tell me point blank that I should use meds to "fix" my dog's issues.

You need to find a vet that makes you feel like you're the patient that matters most to him in that moment, when you see them. Our vet is rather odd (he loves to talk about the latest developments in veterinary medicine) man but he is a wonderful, caring and compassionate person who does this because he loves animals. He would NEVER speak to me like yours did to you today.

i was very offended when she said that he needed medication. i called the vet i worked for yesterday and basically said that they were wrong for making me feel dumb for coming in and that he never once thought baden needed meds. i wish i could find a good vet here like the one i had in AR. i just cant believe i was treated that way. it has bothered me all day and night and baden was so upset he wouldnt even lay with me on the couch which isnt like him

I have to agree with the others...I would find a new vet.  You have to trust your vet just as much as you do your own doctor.  Katie vocalizies also when she is excited whether it's around another dog, people she knows and people she doesn't know. I have a cat that is prone to anxiety attacks, my vet and I worked out several methods to help her and meds were only mentioned as a last resort.  We found the one that works best for Gemma is the anxiety collar.  She only needs it on for a couple of days to put her back to normal but I can see the difference in her within an hour.

Years ago I had a girlfriend say "your dog is growling at me" it was Wynn "talking"...not growling...I would also maybe check out a new vet.


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