About 2 and a half weeks ago alex was licking her paw. When I bent down and looked at it i realized that there was a little bit of blood on her paw. My mom decided that it was just a small cut and it would heal by itself. 2 weeks later it didnt heal. two days before christmas my mom finally decided that we should take her to the vet. (He is a little strange... ) but anyway, he said that alex had split her nail. they gave her anesthesia so that they could work on it and bandage it up... and fix an infection in her mouth. She had never had a bandage before. She didnt like having a bag on her foot so that she could go outside in the snow. She didnt really walk much. Lots of limping. She mostly just sat in her chair. When we took her back to the vet to get a new bandage she cried and cried. obviously the vet didnt like her stubbornness, so he decided that we should take the bandage off ourselves a couple days later because he didnt want to go through that again. She also had to take antibiotics for her foot. She hates taking pills. we tried putting the pill in peanut butter. She licked off all of the peanut butter and promptly spit out the pill. any ideas on how to give her pills?

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I taught mine to catch small treats so usually I can toss a pill and they swallow it before realizing it is a pill. However if yours aren't as big of pigs as mine try putting the pill between two little (bite size) pieces of bread or dog treat with soft cheese. Hope she is better soon. Nail injuries are bad. Sparty has had problems with one of his for years.
The treat idea is defintely a good one. You could also try mixing the pill with wet food, or putting the pill in her kibble and adding some water to it so that she eats it before she realizes she took the medicine. If its a large pill I also cut the pill in half so its not as noticable. I wish our corgis would know we're only doing whats best for them! I hope she gets better soon!
Soft cheese or if all else fails some raw hamburger wrapped around it and she should swallow it right down! Good luck....poor baby!
Cream cheese! Make a pea-sized ball of cream cheese around the pill. Give her a couple plain cream-cheese bits first and by the third one she should be swallowing whole, pill and all.

Many dogs (and cats) are lactose intolerant, but that small amount should not bother her. Poor girl.
awww, poor alex! i've seen "pill pockets" sold in pet stores but I guess it's the same idea as putting the pill in cheese or wet food. When Steve had to take pain meds after his neuter surgery, I put the pill inside pumpkin, banana, cheese (only small amount as it caused major gas), yogurt, and anything else soft where it didn't require chewing.
I hope alex feels better!
Hope Alex is feeling better soon.
thank you for all of the ideas! i think i will try putting the pill in some bread... i just tried putting it in her food... she ate everything around it and left the wet pill for me. What a nice little present. She is a clever little dog. She looks kinda goofy because her foot only has three nails. The vet cut of the split nail so it could grow back correctly. She keeps looking down wondering where it went. haha. thank you everyone
Good luck! I use the Greenie's pill pockets as I had tried all the other ideas and more but Monty also always spit it out. He thinks these are the greatest things ever and has never had a problem taking the pill inside. Depending on the size of the pill I usually only use half of the pre-formed pill pocket and just form half of it around the pill and make him do a trick for the "treat" . As these are a bit pricey this makes them last longer.
We crush Potus's worming tablets into peanut butter in his bowl. He licks it right up. Every other way ends in him spitting it back out. Smart Corgi.
The secret is to rely on their guttony. I give pills with the cheapest indidually wrapped american cheese. You put the pill between two bite size pieces. Make a couple more with out the pill. I give the first one with the pill to them, while they can see another piece in my hand. They snarf the first one so they can have the second one as soon as possible. The first time you may need 3. A blank so they know what it is, then the pill one, then the chaser. They see that next one in your hand they can't wait to swallow the first!!! You can use other things with the same principle, the individually wrapped cheese is handy because it will go on sale for cheap and last forever in your fridge for emergencies.
Hope Alex is doing well, positive healing thoughts coming her way from us.
Hiding pills in food doesn't work with Finnigan either. We tried everything from cheese, yogurt and peanut butter to bread, hot dog and banana. Even tried crushing it and mixing it in with food. He somehow knows it's in there and will spit it out. i swear he can smell it even over all the yummy food smells.

The easiest way we've found to give him pills is to take the pill between your thumb and index finger, open the dog's mouth with the other hand then quickly place the pill as far back in the mouth as possible, close the dogs mouth right away and hold it closed with the head at an upward tilt and rub the dog's throat to ensure that he/she swallows then offer a drink of water. Finn swallows it right away without a fuss. We don't even have to do the rubbing of the throat. After the first 3 or 4 times he became a pro. Really, it's very easy. Hope she feels better soon!
That's how we do it. Lilly is much better about just swallowing them than Brody, but just a coupld stokes on his throat and down it goes.


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