So my red headed tri little man has had red freckles on his white socks on each leg ever since he came to me as a pup. I finally became curious enough to look it up on the internet. I found the description for ticking to quite accurately describe it. However, as I was reading on the site it mentioned that Pembrokes do not carry the gene for this color trait, and that it is only found in Cardigans. Since I know there are people here more educated than I in Corgi coloration, I'm curious as to what this pattern on my Finn may be.

He is AKC. The only reason I mention this is that he would then have a proven line of only Pembrokes. Correct? I included pictures, but they don't seem to show up as well as they do in person so I circled them in red. (Sorry for the dirty feet. We were snow shoeing the day before.)


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Usually "ticking" refers to a heavy pattern of dots, not just a few freckles. Like in this dog:

Or this one:

I believe that any dog who has white markings on a solid body will sometimes have some stray colored freckles. That's not the same as ticking.

Does this help?

my pu has one distinct freckly on one of his back legs, he is a pembroke!

I agree with Beth. That's really not ticking per say, just freckles.

my emi has random dots on her legs too :) she is an AKC pemmie as well, i've always wondered if that was normal .. when she was younger they were definitely more apparent, but not that shes old its not as obvious (she also used to have a cow spotted tummy, but that disappeared over time as well!)


now that shes old* woops :)

Waffle has them on his snout.  It's just freckles!  They're not numerous enough to be ticking.

Fabulous. Thanks guys. I've seen a few Pemmies but never noticed any with the leg freckles. Even my red and white girl has no trace of other colors in her whites. Although she has a black mask which is another coloration I wonder about.

Look at Emi's little legs! Finn has them up and down all four of his, however he isn't even two yet so maybe as he ages they will fade a bit.

Our baby Pembroke, Violet, now 17 weeks old, has a black 'beauty mark' on the white part of her face.  It was very pronounced, as were the black lines outlining the transition between the white and tan on her face, and all of these black areas have faded significantly over the last 10 weeks.  The beauty mark is still present, though, and I like it!  By the way, she is an AKC puppy, with a long pedigree of almost entirely champions, so I'd not worry about markings in your Corgi's white areas.

Here is Scout showing off her freckles.  They are all a grey-black color except for the one closest to her nose.  It has a brown color to it.  I love her freckles!


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