I've had Corgis my whole life and that's a lot of years. Corgis are working dogs that need meaningful activity and discipline. The time to start training is when your baby Corgi comes home. Corgis are very smart and they will be a step ahead of you, if you let them. DON'T let them. They love to know the rules, work hard and be praised. The earlier you start lovingly training your puppy, the more rewards you will have later with your adult Corgi who listens for your command and happily performs it. A rescue dog needs the same training, but first needs to trust its new family. Knowing that your rescue is experiencing a hard transition will hopefully make you more patient and compassionate. Be loving and earn the trust of your rescue. But whether a puppy or a rescue, train your Corgi well and as early as you can. Every Corgi and owner thrive through combined work and effort.

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Jane, totally off the corgi subject and all about backing up data!! Check out Carbonite. It is an offsite backup program that backs up all the photos on your computer. A year ago our hard drive crashed and had we not had carbonite we would have lost all our photos!! It's very inexpensive and very user friendly. www.carbonite.com
This made me laugh! My first child was a very good baby both in attitude and health. He never even had a fever until after he was a year old. I looked at other parents with the smugness that can only come from inexperience! My second had colic, screamed at the the drop of a hat, we went to the doctors so often that one year he did not charge me for all the visits. My teacher conferences went from "He is one of my favorite students" to questions obviously coming from someone who was wondering what was going on in our house. My previous dogs (a golden and a standard poodle) were beautifully trained. I was the envy of many as I walked down the street with my perfectly healing dog! Then came Sparty! At 7 weeks he would bark when I said no and race away. We were laughed at during obedience classes due to his crazy antics. I have a dog that I have to tell the vet to muzzle. Embarrassing! The funny thing is that child that was so difficult became the most wonderful young women that makes me proud all the time and Sparty eventually calmed down and started to want to figure out what I wanted. He is usually good but I do have to keep my sense of humor with him and muzzle him for nail trimming. Sometimes the tough ones turn out to be extra special. And besides I think they are proof that God has a sense of humor!
@ Bev...I had the same thing...my crabby,ornery baby tuned out to be my best friend and a lovely young lady...it's so fun to see her with her son and what a great mom she is...she's expecting a 2nd next May...will she get a baby just like her????
@bev and jane - doug and gromit keep telling me that my craaaazy rafa is going to turn out to be my best friend. so here's hoping. btw, growing up i was the one that my mother always called her friends to complain about and wished that i would have a daughter just like me. over time, i was the one that took care of her for everything and in the end she lived with me.

PS Jane, I'm Wendy. Lucy is my red & white corgi. I know it's hard to keep track of all the friends we've made on this great site.
haha. Lindsay was that baby that slept through the night at 6 wks and I stupidly worried that she slept too much. I should have been counting my blessings. Then came my 2nd baby. Colic, crying uncontrollably at night; my husband and I had to take turns rocking her between us on the bed. The minute we fell asleep and stopped rocking, "whaaaa." She was so shy--would hold on to my leg at parties, phone me to pick her up from school for a "stomach ache." Now she's a totally terrific adult, confident, happy & independent.

My corgi Lucy is a delightful girl, a great little citizen. I can take her anywhere. So, it's easy for me to forget what a little tyrant she was as a puppy. Half a day she was Lucy, the other half of the time she was Lucifer. I have to keep that in mind and not compare Rafa with the adult Lucy.
When Jack was a puppy, one day I walked into the living room and saw my husband looking glum. I said "What's wrong, hon?" and he made a very concerned face and said (of the puppy) "He's AWFUL!".

I just laughed and said "He's a puppy. He'll get better."

Like Bev's Sparty, Jack would stand and bark at me when I'd tell him "no", then he'd run in big fast circles around the house. Finally he'd stop and come and sit by my feet and that's when I knew I'd gotten through.

He bit, HARD, he was stubborn, he would not take a nap unless you locked him away. If he was awake he was running. He was a wood-chewer and he didn't figure out that he should even attempt to hold his pee til he was around 5 months old.

Now, I can trust him in the house with absolutely anything. He's the one who comes running, concerned, if someone says "ow." He gets upset if anyone argues, he moves out of my way for a soft-spoken "excuse me." He'll drop anything in his mouth for the word "leave it" and won't grab a toy if I have it in my hand. And Maddie, my sweet angel, occasionally raids the garbage but Jack won't even touch something after she's dragged it out, he so thoroughly learned the lesson that everything in the house is mine unless I hand it to him.

He is the perfect house dog. He can sometimes be bossy still outside the home, but in the house he has not one single fault.

So fear not. The tough ones grow up to think of themselves as your partner, your protector, your second-in-command and are frequently the ones who would lay down their lives for you.
Bless you, Beth. I know this stuff in my heart, but when Rafa's had a particularly AWFUL day, Jack and I just look at each other and say/think, "what have we done?" or "what were we thinking?" Rafa is a sweet-natured, adorable boy, but he just loves to be bad. You can see him looking around the den for something to do wrong, ie. eat the television wires, chew the phone or remote. No matter how much the room is cleared, he finds his spots. We can't move out the furniture or he'd eat the floor and walls. LOL. And like your Jack (my Jack is my husband!), when I say "no" he takes it as play time...runs around, jumping from chair to sofa or frapping in big circles around the room. At times he's so hilarious that it's hard to keep a straight face. And he's so FAST. I think he can outrun Lucy, which I never thought would happen because she has better conformation and mostly because she's still BIGGER than him. As if he didn't infuriate her enough just being in the house!!! He has many chew toys, kongs; but nothing is quite as appealing as mischief. Maybe we should have named Rafa Rascal or Trouble. But he is a cutie,
especially when he's sleeping!
At least he hasn't gotten your computer wires...yet!!!!! I lost all my pictures due to a puppy chew and several hundred dollars to fix the problem! Even mild mannered Sage...likes wires!
this thread of comments is so encouraging.. i have to say ive felt everything im reading here ..I was wondering if Carly whos 9 months .. was ever going to listen to me..
We are in our second go round of CGC classes and im pretty sure she wont pass next week for the test. The stay command is the toughest for her to obey ..and shes still insisting on pulling me on the leash! hahah but i keep telling her were going to do this till you learn whose boss!
im 57 yrs old , ive had at least a half dozen dogs, who always stayed out side mostly because i didnt know how to train them, my point is ...i decided to get a corgi because my son and daughter-in-law have one who stole my heart and hes (Cowboy) so well behaved i thought wow! what a wonderful dog!
And along came Carly..who i want to saty in the house , i fall in love with her instantly ~ but s shes wild, shes is not Cowboy~ lol ??? what ??? you mean they arent all like him ..
no they are NOT . Ive read so many books, checked web sites, researching information on dog training my head is so full of stuff , not to mention the two, six week classes, because we failed the first class. In her defense she was only 3 months when she started training we have one last class next week and ya, i dont think were gonna do it this time either hahaha. So by the time shes two if you all are right, and they are two before they calm down i should be a pro...
We took Lucky to a class where no certificates were given - smart idea! The class where they were teaching a "wait" and had us put a hot dog on your leg...well, Lucky wolfed down that hot dog in one piece!!! The instructor reaches down his little red gullet and pulls the hot dog out whole. I was so embarressed. He was supposed to sit and wait, but took off running! One would assume that we did not pass the class!! LOL
thats crazy!! i am laughing ....


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