Hey there everyone! I'm new to the site, as well as being a Corgi owner. :) I do not yet have my puppy, but I will be picking her up in about a week. I've been on here for hours, reading mostly everything in the FAQ, trying to learn as much as I possibly can about the breed and general puppy care. I already went through training and dealing with a puppy last year, but I will admit I was not very good at it (being my first time and all). I just want to say how amazingly informative this site is! I love it, and thank you all. But I do still have one question I'd like to ask. I read that Corgis can get overweight easily and that it's good to only feed them a certain amount every day. Does this change for puppies? What is a good food brand and amount to feed a puppy when they're still growing? And if anyone has any first time Corgi owner advice, it would certainly be welcome! Thanks! :)


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Hi Nicole! How exciting to be bringing home a pup soon! I've had Piper home for about 3 weeks now, and it's been great. Before she left the breeder, he told me how much the puppies were eating and gave me some of their food. He advised that I stick with that for a week or so as she acclimated to her new home. She was eating 1/2 cup at the breeder, but I tried that for a while and it seemed to be too much (she wasn't finishing it - I'm guessing the breeder gave a 1/2 to all four puppies to eat). So, now we just give her 1/3 cup for breakfast and dinner, and treats throughout the day for training. I've just started to incorporate new food (Wellness Puppy) with her original food (Eukanuba Small Puppy) over the past week, mixing it 75% Eukanuba with 25% Wellness so it's not an overwhelming change for her. Now, she's eating only Wellness, and seems to like it.

Piper is my first corgi and she's growing up so fast. Take lots of pictures and videos if you can. And, above all, be patient patient patient!! It might take your pup a little while to learn things, but they are smart dogs. If you put the effort and energy into your puppy now, you'll have a great dog! Good luck!

I'd give a puppy at least 1.5 cups a day of a good quality kibble. I wouldn't worry about cutting their food down until they're about a year old or if you notice them looking chunky.

Generally you want to feed an "all life stages" food instead of a puppy food. You want them to grow slowly and there are a few problems they can get from being overfed.  



Puppies generally are fed more food than an adult dog.  They are still growing and need more energy to fuel that growth, as well as their puppy antics.  :)  Think of how much a human child eats in a day compared to an adult.  It's the same situation.  Having said that, not every puppy will be able to pack away 2 cups of food per day!  I started Ellie out at 1 cup of food per day (measured with a dry measure cup), which is what her breeder was feeding, and eventually moved it up to 1.5 cups per day.  As she has gotten older (10 months old now) I have decreased it to 1.25 cups per day.  She had started getting a little chunky and didn't need that extra 1/4 of a cup, it seems.  ;)

Regarding which brand to feed, that will vary widely from owner to owner.  I, personally, have tried Science Diet, Wellness and Taste of the Wild with my dogs.  I have been the happiest with Taste of the Wild (Sierra Mountain Formula) as it's an all-stage food.  That means my adult American Eskimo dog and my corgi puppy can both eat it and I don't have to bother with buying two different types of food!  If you're going to feed a puppy food, it is generally recommending that you select a large breed formula.  The reasoning is that corgis, despite their short stature, grow in a way that is most like a large breed puppy.

Congratulations on your (soon to be) new addition!  We look forward to seeing lots of puppy pictures!  :)

I suggest Canidea all life stages or Taste of the Wild (salmon). If you decide on a puppy food it MUST be large breed due to Corgis needing a lower protien since they don't mature till 2 years old. The protein should NOT be higher than 25% and some of the TOTW is higher. You can also check out Dog food Analysis. Your breeder should send at least a 10 day supply of what they are getting now so that IF you change it is very gradual. Pups do need plenty of food and I suggest a handful 4 times a day to start with.


Also unless your breeder has told you they will supply a couple towels or small blankets I would take a couple old towels and ask to rub it on the other pup;s and parents and then put in a baggie for the 1st few nights...that way even though they are home with you they have the smell of their old home with them.



I suggest Charlie Bears for a good treat.

I'm just gonna make this a reply to everyone. Thanks all for the advice! When I got my first puppy she was not from a breeder, unfortunately. She is a mutt and the woman who owned the female was irresponsible and didn't get her dog spayed so a roaming male dog found her and impregnated her. Then the mom was ran over and killed by a car before the pups were even weaned off the mother :/. But my pup is still a very happy healthy girl now :). 

So anyway, back to the food! Thank you all such much for the suggestions! Looks like I'll be asking the breeder for a more specific to the pup kind of answer. :) Also, Jane, thanks for the scent and treat tip! 

I'm so very excited and I will definitely be taking many pictures and videos of my pup! :D

as an addition to what Jane said. My breeder does the reverse. We  buy a blanket for the puppy and sleep with it for a few days then send it to the breeder so that your puppy gets used to sleeping with your scent and when he/she comes home to you you are a familiar scent. Seemed to work with Franklin, he had zero separation issues when I brought him home. My breeder also crate trained the puppies though, so puppy was sleeping in his own crate with his own blanket and not sharing with the whole litter so doing this would only work if the puppies are being crate trained at the breeder's house.

Every puppy will be different, but I think about a cup and a half a day spread over three feedings is a good starting point for a young Corgi puppy.


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