Found a tick on the top of Tuckers head today!!!!!  I tried the cotton ball and soap like I had read to do and that didnt work so I then put the rubbing alchohol on his head, that wasn't really successful either.  The only thing those two things did was to mat down the hair so it was easier to see the tick.  The tick was engorged :O  I finally was able to pull it out without squeezing the tick, not very easy once it is engorged.  Tucker did really well surprisingly for the wiggle worm he is, but he was a good boy for this :)

We have not yet put the application of frontline on him and need to do pronto!!!  I really hate using chemicals, really don't want to deal with fleas or ticks, I will take fleas over tick though, I think.  I have been thinking of using natural remedies for flea and tick, but need to put something together.  Any ideas from anyone.

What do I need to worry about now that the tick is off Tucker???  I need to buy one of those tick keys. 

Does anyone know if ticks can cause auto immune issues, I thought I read that somewhere but not sure where?

I also need to find out when Tuckers last vaccantaion for lymes disease was. 

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For some reason I thought you could use a drop of cooking oil on the tick? It suffocates them...not sure though???

Already???? We just had snow here again last night...

Time to get the frontline on!!!!!  I hope we are done with snow, too bad this cold winter couldn't have killed off the ticks for good!!

Oh bummer! Hope he is OK.

Thanks Bev, me too!!

I've always had to pull them off from Becca, suffocating them has never worked. Keep an eye on the spot to check for infection. Did you keep the tick? I know they can test ticks that bite people. Maybe your vet can check this one.

It takes being attached for over 24 hours for Lyme. The tick we think gave it to Becca was found on her in December after the hard freezes. I had stopped Frontline thinking they were gone for the winter. I'd stopped daily checks as well.

It is below freezing here every night and snowed this week. Nevertheless I am already finding ticks. I don't want to treat her until after her agility trial this week. The first dose of the year seemed to bother het a bit last year. Same thing happened for my last dog too. Frontline doesn't work we'll here.I'm debating between Activyl and the new NexGard. Activyl worked last year, but is very greasy. The cat needs to be kept away from her with it as well.

We've been finding ticks since December here. I use a Seresto collar on Franklin. He swims too much for any of the topical treatments to work. It works great, no smell, and lasts 5-7 months. I have found two ticks embeded in the last few weeks, both were dead when I removed them. No other ticks on him. It works really well to repel ticks and fleas too. I walked about 10 steps into one of our pastures the other day to get his ball and ended up with 3 ticks crawling on me but Frank was playing fetch in the same pasture for 1/2 hour and I didn't find a single tick on him. I was pretty impressed. 

As for putting chemicals on them, Frontline has been around for about 20 years and used on billions of animals. It has been proven to be safe and effective time and again. If you know it works I would feel more comfortable using it then testing out some method that may or may not work (meaning more ticks on your dog) or may even harm your pet in the long run (like the often suggested use of garlic in the food).

ok, you convinced me to buy some more frontline for tucker!! need to find out from the vet what to do about lance though, not sure he can handle the frontline...he hid from us the last time we were going to use it on him :(  hes never liked it...but tolerated us putting it on, and never hid, makes me wonder about the stuff !! :O

Lol you have me by saying you'd take fleas over ticks! Ahh! I hate fleas! ;) they cause tapeworm. And are a pain in the butt to get out and off everything.
Anyways. Stick with Frontline, get the key or learn to use a tweezers very well. Leaving them on is the worst thing, really.
Here is a nice list of tickborne diseases dogs can suffer from the AKC

Jane- I have been finding deer ticks on me and on Buddha for at least two weeks now. Yuck! They are the worst!

ok, so its a tie, cause i really do hate fleas, never want to have to deal with them, or ticks!!!!

Yuck! I hate those things! Had a dobe once that came from the breeder infested with ticks. They dropped off in the stones in the backyard (the yard was desert-landscaped), then moved in doors,  and we could NOT get rid of the things, despite three extermination/tick dip/launder-everything-that-would-fit-in-the-washer/vacuum-every-piece-of-upholstery-top-to-bottom treatments.

Cassie picked up a tick at an agility training place. Fortunately I nabbed it before it was able to reproduce. But you can be sure I quit going there!

omg, i couldnt imagaine an infestation of ticks :O!!!!! 

Ticks can live UNDER the snow and it takes weeks of minus 10 degree weather to kill them so I use prevention year round even here in the northeast. I HATE ticks! Even with prevention I find them but they die and usually don't even latch on at least. The easiest way to really get rid of them is to pull them out with tweezers.You have to put the tweezer tip close to the dogs skin and pull it out straight to get the head. I just flush them, but you can drop them in alcohol before you flush them if you want. The vet can check for Lyme Disease and such. All he special techniques seem pretty ineffective. If two feet of snow doesn't kill them I doubt cooking oil will. They do seem to die in alcohol, but that is AFTER they are off of the body and totally submerged in the stuff. Rubber gloves help, psychologically at least. YUCK!


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