W-a-l-k, B-y-e, O-u-t...does anyone else have to spell so their dog doesn't know what you're saying?

Is it just me or do you find yourself spelling so your dog doesn't(?) know what you're saying????

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We have to spell the word football so Brodie doesn't go crazy. His football is his favorite thing and it will put him into a tizzy. Ride and Walk are two others we spell otherwise it is pretty much an obligation to go right now.
Yes, haha. I have to spell out "walk" when Ein is around and "food" for when Brian's around. I bet you can tell what Ein and Brian's passions are ;P
My husband and I have to do that with our non-Corgi dog, Coko. If I say out, it doesn't even matter the tone of voice or context I say it in, she starts jumping around and barking and runs to the front door. So we've started spelling it, O-U-T.
Our dog has a large vocabulary! Truck, tractor, cows, trailer, out, potty, cat, etc..... She knows all of the family people names, but her most dreaded word is .... stay. Her ears go down, she gets her sad face, and won't look at you. I think her favorite word is cows. She is an excellent cattledog like her ancestors and she was never trained. Too smart!!
Yes, they know L.E.T.'S G.O and they know their commands in English, Chinese and gesture. Very soon we may need to incorporate French :)
I have a bit of a spin on the spelling so your dogs don't know what you are talking about, we change words.

Before we got Ashton we had two large rescue shepherds who were both avid squirrel chasers. We decided for safety that it was best to call them something else. We called squirrels "woozers". The main reason we did this was because if someone, like my 72 lbs mother (yes, she is very petite) or a child were to stand at the backdoor and made a comment like "Oh look at the cute squirrels on the fence", they would have been trampled by the dogs! But since the dogs have no idea what a "squirrel" is we don't have to worry about that. :)

You can talk all day about squirrels and get no response from the dogs, but mention "woozers" you will have a wave of dogs instantly running too and barking at the door to the backyard! lol
Yes, we do... C.A.T., G.O., L.O.O.K., to name a few :) cute, huh! They catch on so fast, it won't be long until Riley can understand spelling!!! I told my husband the other night we need to learn to sign!
Oh yes we absolutely spell many words most notably "dinner". My Standard Poodle learned the spelling so we had to change up the words used but nothing works with Sparty because he usually knows before we say anything! He is a mind reader!!
Y-E-S! My two know even some of our spelled words....Corgies...what smartie pants. I would not change mine for anything! Got to go it is time to E-A-T...HAHAHAHAHA ^,,^
Funny thing is Yoda knows a lot of words, yet he does not react that way. Yoda usually watches my actions. If I pick up my keys and put it up in my pocket, then he is waiting by the door. It does not matter if I am taking him for a walk or I am just getting something from the store. He insists on coming along!
B-A-L-L at the P-A-R-K can make you H-U-N-G-R-Y. "You wanna"...oops! Can't say that. Cuz C-H-E-W-I-E-S or C-O-O-K-I-E-S may follow that phrase. Don't pet M-O-N-T-Y while the C-O-R-G-I is nearby.
We spell all the time and they still know what we are saying. We sometimes use a shortened version of words to try and throw them off. Or we get creative with our vocabulary.


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