Since I am only a few weeks into being an owner I am taking a survey about which brands of food are preferred. My vet recommends purina one puppy food and that is what I started feeding. Now I am reading that this is "junky" full of undesirable ingredients as are many seemingly good foods. I have been reading about Blue Buffalo and Innova. Any thoughts?

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Just need to be sure that the first ingredient is dehydrated meat, because if it's listed as just chicken or something, after removing all the water it's automatically goes down a few position. So the second ingredient should also be some kind of meat, and NO GRAIN like corn or wheat.
Wellness Core is what I feed.

Also, make sure you pay attention to how fast your dog is growing/gaining weight, because corgi's usually don't need as much food as a bag of dog food will tell you they do. For instance, my corgi is a big boy at 30lbs, and he eats about 3/4 a cup of dry Wellness Core and two table spoons of Wellness wet food a day, that should make him lose weight but he maintains and looks/feels great!
I did a bit of research on this, too. We wanted to make sure we were feeding our little Emma the "right stuff." Rather than writing it all down again here, I'll direct you to my blog where I madea a post about her food week before last. Hope it helps! Oh, we feed her Eukanuba Puppy Growth Formula if you'd rather not read... ;) Here's my blog
I feed my corgi a raw food diet, and as a result I have a healthy, sleek and svelte corgi. My vet and others I meet comment on how healthy his teeth, eyes, and coat are. 
Once we're able to find a reasonable and reliable source, I really want to switch ours to raw food. All of the farmers I've queried, who raise beef, pork, chickens, and I think sheep, are really about 4x the cost of premium canned, just for organically raised scraps or they say they can't sell that sort of thing because of regulations. If you have any advice, I'd love to know :)
Has anyone tried Evangers? SIdney sampled the pheasant and brown rice and really seemed to like it. I know it got 4 stars on the dog food analysis site.
@ Geri...I used the canned for Bella and Livvy when they were pregnant to put on their dry food and they loved it!
In Seattle, Darwin's ("It's a Natural Selection...") delivers frozen raw meat to our door. I don't ever want to find out what we're paying for it.... :)
We started raw when our first corgi had bad skin itching problems.... like, chewing sores in herself.
Leia eats the Blue Buffalo food (at Petsmart). Its a very healthy food with holistic ingredients and no yucky stuff. We bought the largest bag offered because it came out to be only 2 cents more per pound than cheaper decent foods (we compared to Iams). She has been on that food for about a month now and her coat is shinier, her skin is better (she has a skin isssue), and she seems to be healthier looking overall. We are pleased with the food and put our cat on the feline version of it as well.
I feed Cali the Natural Balance. Her coat is shiney, and she is at a healthy weight. I also like that the brand carries all sorts of treats: training treats, sausage rolls, biscuits, etc.. I don't have to worry about upset tummy with diet changes using this brand.
Inova and Merrick's+ Royal Canine. Then I'll add vegies.

We are switching ours to raw after a few years on Orijen. Orijen is a high protein diet and is debatable although I believe for young dogs (not dogs entering their senior years) it can be wonderful. 


Here is a great link from a woman who lives in my city who does some amazing work with behavior and diets for animals. She also has worked with wolves. You can find those incredible videos under the section Dogues Wolves


Here is her short article on a raw diet


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