I am beginning to see that I'm not alone in my frustrations of bringing up a mischievous and troublesome Corgi puppy. Just when I'm starting to see a little improvement in behavior, my dog will act up again. Misery loves company, so I'm wondering, "What trouble has your Corgi gotten into today?"

Let me start the list:


-shredded and destroyed magazines and newspapers

-stolen a medication prescription from inside my purse and tore it up

-stolen food and items from the coffee table

-ripped up our living room rug

-tore a hole in my clothing

-eaten 2 holes into the living room carpet...even when we had an overlying carpet to prevent her from doing so!

-jumped onto the dining room table and stood there on all 4 short legs eating out of our cereal bowl like she had done nothing wrong

-destroys and disembowels newly bought toys in <1 hour

-eats doggie and deer poop

-eats woodchips and swallows them whole...then eliminates poop embedded with woodchips

-jumped onto my bed with her short legs!

-destroyed my living room pillows

-destroyed some of my inner ear hair cells when she barks loudly, obnoxiously, and incessantly

-runs away from us with lightening speed when she's done something wrong


With time, I hope she will outgrow her naughty "terrible twos!"

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The nice thing about a puppy is that you are 100% responsible for how he learns to behave.  

Bear is in the cone of shame right now so his adventures generally involve trying to convince us to take it off.  Rub it on your leg.  Jump into bed and bump it against Dad.  (Maybe he'll take it off.)  Lay in just the right spot on the bed to have his cone poking into your side.  He also is expressing himself by rolling in a stink he has found on the trail we normally hike with him. His biggest no-no is getting into the trash and redistributing it around the house if we forget to put it in the pantry while we're gone.

I'm sure the bee deserved it.

Max is a certified therapy dog.  I use to take him with me when I worked for the day care/preschool...always the perfect dog.  Never stole a kid's toy or took their treats.  Except when he is home and can find something to get into.  He tried to tell me it's the cats and then they blame him.

that bee totally did!

Bogart has a thing for shoes, boots, slippers and socks...! Especially if there is a buckle or something he can take OFF the shoe. Sigh.

Today there was a turd waiting for me in the kitchen.

Nobody is ever naughty at my house anymore..sigh. I think I need a puppy!

Snickers just turned 6 years old, and so is a mature and responsible member of the family. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates her hard work. For example, it is her job to keep all bad things out of the back yard. She sits at the sliding glass door and watches. If she sees something she suddenly jumps on the glass with a little (very quiet) woof.  My husband complains that when he is trying to watch TV she startles him. Well, that is the point, and it works with the lizards, birds, and other evil things that could have done great harm without her vigilance.

For her birthday she got a toy with 5 squeakers. She knows daddy doesn't like noise so she disabled all 5 in rapid succession. See, when they grow up, they no longer destroy things wantonly; they have a purpose in mind.

When I had three deer in the back yard I brought Dipper up into my lap so he could see out the picture window.  He grew quite stiff and growled.  Had I "realeased der Corgen" I'm sure he would have lit out after them.  Herding thing maybe.

Gwen is lately took a step back in potty trained. She'll be let out come back in and THEN have an accident. Most frustrating... as there has been two or three people HERE and available to let her out.

My mom thinks it's a spite thing... but our routines haven't changed..still horrid schedule. She's been on the good food for a while...

She got a hold of a plastic bag holding the new lawn mower's manual that the Siamese knocked down.But thankfully didn't eat the manual nor the plastic attachment piece.

But that's about it. She de stuffs her toys but I am real vigilant,sew it once then toss.


She's probably going through her "I forgot what going outside means" adolescent phase... You're going to have to start taking her out by leash and watching her go again. Sucks I know, but better than cleaning up an accident?

Well she's only 7 months old.. but yeah. And at 3am is ever soooo much fun going out,attached to a leash with a puppy down a flight of stairs. The things we do for our kids.

3am is wake up call for us we commute an hour and 15 minutes one way every day.


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