My dogs all know certain words like walk, dinner etc. Recently I noticed that if I say OOPS! while in the kitchen (I am not known for my culinary abilities) the corgis come running.. What have you inadvertently taught your dogs??

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I don't know how but I taught "dinner" to Ace. It's become my emergency recall word for him. Despite the hours I spent training "Ace, NOW!" as the phrase, the siren call of dinner far outstrips the former's powers. And hey, it works so well because Ace taught it to himself - that word means raw meat, yogurt, and nummy sardines.

He also learned the names of my cats, apparently, because when one is in trouble, if I say its name, Ace bolts to go find the corresponding cat and tries to herd it towards me. It's so cute... but definitely pisses off the cat like no other. :-D

Frosty thinks he is cat police in our house too.  Every time any of the cats gets in trouble, he thinks that means he should go stomp on them... if he can catch them, which he can't lol

If I say someone's coming over they freak out! Or if I say who is here they run to the door! They know the word Grammy for my mom. And they know let's go and bye bye. They also know go get your toy. And daddy.

Tomahawk knows a couple things, like if I say "car" or "walk" he'll get super excited and wait by the door. I can tell him to "go eat" or "drink water" and he'll go and do it.  I'll say "MMMMMM!" and he will come running from any room to see what it is that I am eating and not sharing. I like doing it on purpose because he gets all huffy when he realizes I don't have anything to give him haha. 

He can go and look for Maddie our cat, Doja the pitbull, and my boyfriend Jose when I want to know where they are around the house. I think he picked up who is who around the house by playing hide and seek with him.

He also knows the difference between his fluffy ball and his purple gator toy. He can bring one or the other to me. I'm still trying to get him to understand the difference between his Mr. fox and his duck toy as well but I guess he doesn't like them as much.

Corgis are super smart, it's a wonder they aren't the ones keeping us in crates!

"ride" as he loves car rides. I used to accuse him of causing trouble, now anytime i want to take him with me i say lets go "cause some trouble" and he instantly is at the door. He hates squirrels, we now have to spell that word too

Bath. Needless to say, I have to resort to trickery and treats in order to get Teddy into the bathroom for his bath.

I realized that I taught Jack "excuse me" totally by accident; apparently, out of habit, before I'd put him off the couch or move him so I could sweep the floor, I would say "Excuse me, Jack." Now when I say "excuse me" he understands it means to get out of the way, which is really quite funny. Maddie knows it too, but I taught her more methodically.

I also have to say "Go to Daddy!" before we go to bed to get Jack to go out with my husband for his last potty break. Shawn can stand there with leash in hand trying in vain to get the dog to come to the door. I say "Go to daddy!" and off he toddles. Not sure what he thinks it means, but it gets him moving.

ours learned excuse me the same way... also the oops is sure to bring Brodie coming for clean up duty.  Lilly knows her ball vs ring.  And of course walk, ride, park, let's go, outside, down by daddy,  find the kitty (they will usually roust her from inside our closet)  beddy-bye (go to the door and wait to go in bed.  really runny when camping this week and I said beddy bye, they knew that meant the back seat of the car.).  They also know the packer-touch -down song / dance.  Such fun, slways need to be one step ahead.

ours is a phrase, shes here...hes here...etc., which gets Lance going...Tucker could care less.

Brewer naps under the bed when hes able during the day some days i come home from work and he wont even come out..  you can say "treat" "come" anything that he should respond to and he wont come out.  If I say "Sadies Home"  (Wife) he runs to the door barking waiting to greet her...  I get nothing....not fair

I spend my entire day with Ace but as soon as Daddy waltzes in through the door, Ace wiggles his entire body like crazy and roo-roos in delight. When *I* come back up stairs from taking out the trash or picking up the mail, Ace just gives me a curt nod to acknowledge my existence.

I feel your pain! :-D

Austin understands everything we say.  What gets him really excited though are  sandwich, hamburger,  dinner, treat, bacon(he basically knows every food item), get the cat outside. frisbee, let's go.  Things he doesn't get too excited about and reluctantly comes for, time to brush your teeth, clip your nails, brush.

What I find more amazing, however, is what he has taught me to understand.  'I need my belly rubbed' ' when's dinner, soon right'  ' would like to go for a walk NOW' ' okay, enough brushing time to play ball.'  Just goes to show us humans can be pretty darn smart, too.


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