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Bev Levy replied to David W.'s discussion So angry, I'm shaking....
"Beyond sad...hope the Jeri goes to jail!"
Bev Levy commented on DJ's blog post At My Wits End....
"Just an extra comment: It seems logical to me to assume that because corgis were originally selectively bred to boss large cows around and keep critters out of the garden that a fairly strong willed personality was probably favored. Now days there…"
Bev Levy commented on DJ's blog post At My Wits End....
"First Google Nothing in Life is Free and start following it. Next search for a good, positive dog trainer to call. Unfortunately these behaviors have escalated to a point where you will need to keep them separated until you can straighten them out.…"
Bev Levy replied to Nikki Berchtold's discussion On a waiting list - has anyone else used this breeder before?
"Not all backyard breeders are puppy mills but "buyer beware" when not going to a breeder that shows. I have gone both ways but after a sad, expensive, short lived experience with one of mine I decided to pay a little more to get a properly…"
Sep 12
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Sep 8
Bev Levy commented on David W.'s blog post The quiet...
"This has to be the worst part! I have found that a new family member helps me focus on the pitter paper of little feet helps me focus on the good times more than the sense of loss. Everyone deals with these losses differently so just find what is…"
Sep 5
Vicky Hay replied to Bev Levy's discussion Another dog attack
"In Arizona it apparently is not against the law to leave your dog in the backyard, making it an "outside dog." Assuming you're putting water out, anyway."
Sep 4
Vicky Hay replied to Bev Levy's discussion Another dog attack
"Excellent question! Neighbors here managed to get rid of an obnoxious renter when we found that he had penned two puppies in a cage and left them out in the 100-degree sun. But meanwhile the SOB was also abusing his children. One set of neighbors…"
Sep 4
Katy replied to Bev Levy's discussion Another dog attack
"I hope Izzy is ok Bev; it does sound irresponsible. How large is this dog, since he broke a rope? Scary. I'd be furious too."
Sep 3
Bev Levy replied to Candice's discussion Pancreatitis, ?IBD, advice appreciated
"Our doberman had reoccurring colitis until I put her on Hills I/. I know it is prescription and not rated very high but she lived the rest of her life without problems."
Sep 3
Vicky Hay replied to Bev Levy's discussion Another dog attack
""Living downtown can be interesting."  LOL! Ain't it the truth! Gosh, here we thought of points throughout Nebraska as fairly peaceful!"
Sep 3
Judith Andre replied to Bev Levy's discussion Another dog attack
"I am guessing he followed him into town off the Interstate as we're just a few blocks away.  Lots of drug traffic down I 80.  It was an older out of state van with a Pit in it...fits the profile.  I don't really know. …"
Sep 2
Vicky Hay replied to Bev Levy's discussion Another dog attack
"What did the cop do about the fact that a pit bull came after you? If he was giving some guy a speeding ticket, I think I'd have complained to the department. On the other hand, if the guy in the van was some kind of a perp who might be…"
Sep 2
Judith Andre replied to Bev Levy's discussion Another dog attack
"A couple months ago I was walking Murray downtown about a block away from home and saw a cop had stopped a guy in a van on the other side of the street.  About that time an unleashed Pit came charging across the street at us.  Luckily I…"
Sep 1
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Sep 1
Natsuhi Shirosaki replied to Bev Levy's discussion Another dog attack
"I had a friend of my mother who died out of a wild cat bite. she accidentally stepped on the tail of a hidden sleeping cat..well since she is old (70 years old) her antibody may not be that strong and the cat is a wild one..hence not vaccinated, so…"
Sep 1

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About Me:
I am a grandma, wife and mom. My empty nest was filled by 2 wonderful corgis. Both have passed over the Rainbow Bridge and so has my sweet doberman, Misty. Izzy,our Pembroke, has recently been joined by a charming Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Watson. She is still a little undecided about him both my husband and I are totally in love with our little tornado/love machine. Our cats, Cheech and Chong add to the hair and fun at our house. I love to walk in the Lake Lansing North Park in the woods and travel with the dogs and my husband in our RV.
Welsh Corgi Breeder?
About My Corgi(s):
Izzy is a very mild mannered 7 year old corgi that loves to sleep on the couch and have anybody pet her.
Watson is a 3 month old Cardigan that alternates between being a little cuddlier to being absolutely wild. We also have two cats that like to cuddle. Life is never dull or hair free at my house.
I recently had to help my beautiful tri colored corgi, Sparty, over to the Rainbow Bridge after a bout with cancer and my sweet doberman, Misty. It was so difficult and a piece of my heart went with them but I feel very lucky to have discovered corgis and this web site of great people.
I have:
Both Pembroke and Cardigan

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Watson at 6 months

Posted on July 30, 2014 at 9:36pm 10 Comments

So Watson is 6 months and still is lots of fun! He is a little too enthusiastic when greeting people but we are working on it. He is much better about seeing other dogs at least he doesn't always bark now. He had his first professional nail dremeling today and cried like a baby while gulping down treats.( I am a big chicken and have just been trimming the nails with clippers while showing him the dremel). He loves to lick everybody and doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body. It appears…


Watson .....the saga continues

Posted on June 25, 2014 at 8:59pm 6 Comments

Watson is now 5 months old. He has been so much fun! He is smart, silly, loving and at times wild. He loves Izzy and they play often. It is great to see her having so much fun. He passed Puppy Class with flying colors but we are still working on stopping him from barking at other dogs and overly enthusiastically greeting people. I think he is still a little frightened of strange dogs and after he matures may be better at that. We are getting ready for a month long trip with our RV so I think…


Watson and Izzy update

Posted on May 21, 2014 at 6:19pm 7 Comments

Well miracles do happen! I thought I knew dogs but Izzy has surprised me. She plays regularly with Watson. It took a while for him to wear her down but he did and it is so cute to have two playing dogs again. Watson is a great puppy, very goofy and cuddly. He does well in puppy class but is learning…


More Watson

Posted on April 28, 2014 at 3:51pm 11 Comments

So far Watson has been doing very well. we are really enjoying having a puppy again except for the occasions where he becomes a little tornado racing around and into everything. I think he is beginning to get used to our schedules and we are getting used to figuring out when he needs a potty break. He is still not very welcomed by Izzy but this happened today so I think there is hope that she will eventually tolerate him. I know that Cardis are supposedly less outgoing than Pems but he is so…


Watson update

Posted on April 23, 2014 at 9:42am 4 Comments

It has been such fun having a puppy again! Watson has exceeded our expectations so far. He is incredibly sweet and friendly and occasionally turns into a tornado! He is learning our routine and how to walk on the leash. My vet was very impressed with how great he is.

I decided to try a Cardigan this time partly out of curiosity and partly because I developed a relationship with a Cardigan breeder/handler at a large dog show I go to annually by us. I really liked her dogs and was on a… Continue

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At 12:11pm on July 15, 2014, Natalie, Lance &Tucker said…

Your Welcome!  We are headed up to the  Upper Peninsula of Michigan in a a couple weeks, hoping the weather isn't too chilly for the kids, so they can enjoy the lake, especially since they will only get one week up there this year vs 3 weeks!  It is definately wierd with only one, especially all the ways your used to the other one being around, for example..if water was boiling on the stove, lance would alert me, which was good especially if I had walked away for a minute. ( i know i know your not supposed to!!)  Tucker could care less if water is boiling or the timer is going off on the stove.  Will be different without Lance in Michigan, our first trip there without him in 7 years!! 

At 10:32pm on July 2, 2014, Natalie, Lance &Tucker said…

Happy, Happy Birthday!!

At 10:02pm on July 2, 2014, Jane Christensen said…

Happy Birthday Bev!!!!! Hope you had a great day!

At 7:00pm on June 13, 2014, Paige Morgan said…

Thank you for congratulating me on my win! Thank you again! 

At 10:43am on May 12, 2014, Roger/Laurie said…

Congrats on your new baby, Watson. Can't wait to see more pictures. Tell Izzy that Chepstow understands, he still can't figure out why we brought Tenby home 6 years ago!!

At 11:51am on April 9, 2014, Natalie, Lance &Tucker said…

Hi Bev, thanks for taking the time to comment on the post, we appreciate it!

At 6:02pm on March 22, 2014, Keri&Merlin(Judy&Alan's Pups) said…
Just saw the note about poor Izzy and the neighbor dog.So sorry the neighbor has put You thru this!It's so hard to understand how some folks handle their pets.Glad to see Izzy is ok.Take care and after this Winter,I'll bet You're ready to head out in the RV :)!
At 1:30pm on February 9, 2014, Jane Christensen said…

A Cardigan puppy????? Oh how fun...the few months that I had Calvin...he won over my heart:) He got the perfect home with Joanna and that's what he needed! Can't wait to hear more...

At 9:45pm on January 6, 2014, Jane Christensen said…

Oh Bev, Glad you both have each other to cuddle with! I bet it feels strange to only have 1 dog and I bet it feels different for Izzy too. It's -18 here right now and with wind it feels like-32. We were lucky not to get as much snow as you though. I had my emergency kit ready incase the electricity went out but we were lucky. The last time I can remember weather this cold was in 1984...

At 8:41pm on October 26, 2013, Ronald Bentz said…
Reminds me of my corgi mix I had before my three I have now. Her name was sugar. She passed of cancer. So went crazy and bought three! Lol ;)

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