Good day everyone,

Just wanted to get a bit of feedback if this is normal, which I think it is.   Everytime we're on walks or just to bring Wally outside, he is usually well mannered towards other dogs, kids and adults.   He pulls from time to time but he's excited about all the smells and sounds around the neighborhood and trails.

But as soon as he sees some "clean snow", not the dirty stuff, he goes on it, lays on his back and does "The Bacon Dance" is what I call it.   He goes with all fours in the air, twist and flops rubbing his back, sides and back of the head.    He loves the snow I know and I do see the joy on his face.   He does not have an hitch problem and does not scratch excessively.  I brush him about every 2nd day and barely any hair comes out.   

So during a walk (1hr) he can jump on the snow bank and to the Bacon like 10 times.    I sometimes need to get him back as he's just rolling and rolling.    Then we get back on the walk and 1/4 mile later, back at it.     It might be a way to clean himself cause his paws and belly get so dirty from the melting snow and loose dirty.   Sometimes when I go to get him back he goes in his spazz moment and goes nuts, which I allow him a good sprint to burn energy.

I haven't noticed doing this on grass during the summer but he has done it in fresh cut grass, which turned him green one damp early morning.


So does your pup has any tendencies of showing of his dance moves when out in public or around the home?    I think it normal and he does not seem to have any skin condition or shedding..

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Try joining him in fresh snow and doing "snow angels" then you'll get a glimpe of how he feels :-DD

I'd say it's just pure joy. If it does not bother you, then let him do it. If it bothers you, you can ask him to reduce the behavior to once or twice a walk, but do let him indulge when you can. :-)

Sadly, my two are only happy to do "The Bacon Dance" in less desirable dirty laundry and bird poop.  It sounds like Wally is simply enjoying the snow so I say let him have at it as long as it doesn't bother you.  :-)

Mine are usually doing this on something especially smelly. lol.

Mine does the same in the snow.  She just loves it so!  I think it's just an absolute expression of happiness and freedom and it must feel really good.

Yep. ALL the time. The fresher the snow the better. She also loves to bury her head in the snow all the way up to her neck. She comes up with her face covered in snow, then she throws it up in the air with her nose.

Becca does the same thing. Usually she will roll in the snow before she starts to frap. We are supposed to get 12-18 inches tomorrow. There will be plenty of fresh snow to roll in.

Neither of mine like the snow unless the only other option to walk in is mud then they prefer snow or ice.  Max loves to do that dance in grass tho.  Amazing how corgis get grass stains.

Sully is almost always a SLAB of bacon. Getting her to exercise is an exercise in futility unless she can jump in fresh, soft snow. I adopted her this past summer from Arkansas and she may not have seen much snow before. I was shocked the first time I saw her move so much. She also does the bacon dance on occasion, but she immediately returns to a ball of wax as soon as she is out of the snow. It is amazing how similar we are in temperament. I love the snow, hate the heat, and I am not exactly a bundle of energy. She will walk long distances and she likes to climb on snow banks, but she wouldn't take the stairs at gunpoint for months. Still hates it. I do get the snow fever. Never did the B-dance myself though.

I love the name for this little quirk they do. I used to call it the happy dance but the bacon dance sounds much cuter :) well at least hes rolling in clean snow. sounds like hes just having fun and if it dosnt bother u then let him have his fun, the walks after all are for them ;) I bet he would love it of u joined him lol

Now I make an effort to go in and/or on the snowbank to give him a good belly rub when he's doing it.

We've had a March Snow Storm yesterday and I've brought him in the walking trails around the neighborhood.   They weren't groomed so it was a couple of KM jumping, hopping, lying in and eating snow for both of us.    He slept like a baby when back home, so did I.    And yes the Bacon Dance was in full swing last night.    :)

that's adorable, glad u two had fun. doing things like that with your pets are the best and they love it. its great way to bond :)


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