Corgi mix or just "poorly breed"? What do you think my dog is?

Hey corgi lovers!

I got my dog Fauna about 6 months ago and I'm still pondering what exactly she is.  Sometimes I think she might just be a really poorly breed, undocked Pembroke, but then I've seen husky-corgi mixes that look a bit like her, and sometimes I think she might even have some terrier in her (she actually caught a squirrel once!).  She acts a lot like my mom's Australian Shepherd and looks a lot like her too (but with corgi ears and legs), so maybe she's an Aussie-corgi mix?

I got her from the pound with no parents, but another young dog was picked up with her who might be her brother (the attached photos are of him as a 4-6 month old pup).  She's the black tri-color dog in the video.  She's about 22lbs, 9-11 months old, very sweet, very active, and exhibits that classic herding breed stubbornness at times.

So what do all you experienced corgi owners think?

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Fauna's brother might not be super helpful because there can be several sires to one litter.

I was wondering if that was possible with dogs.  I've heard it's not uncommon with cats.

Fauna looks like a wonderful, sweet and playful pup. Saw her in the video with he back legs out, Corgi-fashion, and the Corgi she was playing with seemed to think she was fun to hang out with... so, who knows.  The important thing is she was lucky and got a loving home!

All my family's Aussies do the legs out thing too!  My boyfriend thought there was something wrong with her hips when I brought her home, but I told him it's just a herding dog thing (or so I guess). 

I'm not too concerned about her breed, but I like to ponder it.  I get a lot of questions from people though, but mostly because they want a dog just like her ;)

Hahah my brother said the exact same thing when I brought Luffy home and he was sleeping like a frog with his legs sticking out

She looks very Corgi, but her legs are a bit long (even for a BYB who isn't very careful) and that extra hair around her face isn't very Corgi like.  So I'd say she's probably a cross, but heavily Corgi.   She's adorable!   You are both very lucky.  :-)

I think Shippo's might be that long and his face/head looks kind of Pitbull like to me (my mom and some other people agree).  I got him from a BYB (I knew better but I was impatient, never going to do it again though) and he is registered with the AKC but since they live on a farm and his mom runs loose, sometimes I wonder.  If only those DNA tests are actually accurate, I might consider doing it.  I'll have to take updated pictures of him sometime.

From my personal experience with Aussies and my brother's full-breed corgi, I'd take a BYB dog over a show breeder pet-quality dog any day.  Our BYB dogs have been happy, healthy, and no question, full-breed Aussie or Corgi, even if they're colors weren't ideal or maybe they were 15 lbs over top show weight.  They were breed to be working farm dogs, not show dogs.

One of our dogs from a show breeder had many inherited health problems, and from talking to others with dogs from that line, we gathered the breeder was putting looks before health with her pairing choices.  My mom's current "show-quality" AKC Aussie might not be a full-breed Aussie at all.  The breeder sent my mom papers almost 8 months after she got the puppy (following a number of calls for them) and as Nico grew, she started to look and act like a Border Collie.  The breeds are so similar I probably wouldn't question her pedigree if it weren't for the ordeal my mom had to go through to get her papers. 

Looking at your dog, I'd say he's a corgi, but he's not a show corgi.  He's a farm corgi, a practical corgi.  When you stop selecting for looks and start selecting for temperament and herding instinct, breed standard looks are sometimes lost.  And like my brother's 44 lb corgi who will heard horses and anything else until the he falls over.  You're not taking him to the show ring, but that BYB dog will love his job on the farm and do it well. 

Please don't say things like you'd support a BYB... I think the dogs you encountered from so-called "show" breeders were clearly just BYBs that happened to do shows, not actual worth-their-weight-in-gold reputable breeders. I mean, if your mother is doubting that her dog is even a purebred Australian Shepherd, and it took well over 8 month to get his papers, shouldn't that tell you that the breeder is obviously a hack? That sounds pretty obviously like a BYB to me, and a particularly bad one if he or she is touting their progeny as "show quality".

Nick came from what many people considered a reputable breeder in Ohio.  Dakota came from a farm with only two dogs, but very happy and healthy dogs.  But not all small-time breeders are good, nor are all big-timers.  But I don't think you should write off a small breeder if your dog doesn't look like the example on the AKC website.  I did tell my mom to report Nico's breeder to the AKC, but she loves that dog to death and said "well, I think she the perfect dog, so I'm not going to start a fight."

There is a huuuuuuge difference between a BYB and a small-time breeder. :-) The terminology, I think, is what irked me! I respect many small-time Cardigan breeders, and they are doing wonders for the breed!

I do not believe she is a purebred. She has the tri colors but would be a red headed or black headed tri. The hair on her tail is also too long and 2 different colors. Corgis can have varying degrees of white tips on their tails but not  the top one color and the underside of the tail another. If you look up the group Undocked can find some pics of their tails:) She sure is cute:)


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