My Corgi doesn't do so well in the heat, but seems to really like cold weather and water. She finds the deepest part of the gutter and runs through all the water in it. Is this typical? I may have to get her a pool this summer!

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Kota would much rather be outside in the fall and winter, unless of course if it's raining. He loves to play in the snow and run around playing with his bestest buddy Diesel, a lab. Diesel would rather be outside too. They both like the coolness. They are not big fans of the heat. Kota pants a lot in the house even in the winter.
Yes! All of mine love the cool and even cold weather! Except tonight as it's -14! They love to run and play in the snow and in fall and spring they have a great time also but when it gets really hot and humid they get very lazy and want the air conditioning on! Swimming pools are great, I use a larger kiddie pool or I also have a low cattle trough that also works!
I think most Corgis are definitely cold-weather dogs. They have that heavy double coat and mine sort of droop in the summer. Give them a snowbank any day over the summer heat!
The excitement of a walk on a cold day is very noticeable at my house! I wonder if the southern raised corgis have a lighter coat and like warmer weather?
We're kind of southern here, Kentucky, but we still have four seasons. Mine HATE the heat - a visit to the dog park will just get you a corgi under your chair.
It was 28 below zero here this am and the corgis or aussie can't last more than 2-3 minutes outside right now! Zero would be better! So they do have a limit ! I don't blame them I don't want to go out either!!!!
Both our boys love the cold and water. Here in North Carolina cold is about 30 degrees on a really bad day. Tenby likes the cold better, but he also has a very thick warm coat. Chepstow has a sleek thinner coat, and I am sure he gets colder faster. We can't get them out of the water spring, summer and early fall. They love the lake and we have a terrible time keeping them out of it. We only let them in the water when we are with them. They swim so much we are afraid they will get overly tired and not make it back to the shore. They do wear doggie lifejackets all the time. Chepstow does embarass himself when it rains, he hates the rain. Every drop that hits his head he whinces and takes forever the leave to porch for potty time.
My tri is the same way about swimming! She will just keep going and going like the energizer bunny. My red head loves the rain, but hates to swim. Go figure.
We're in South Eastern Florida and their coats are as in tact as any other corgi. Our two corgi's hate the heat. But as it is now in the low 50's they are LOVING it. Super spunky and frisky. Its funny to watch our girl tackle-play with our boy! Ah, the cold weather is awesome.
Mine LOVES the snow! She rolls around in it and loves to catch snowballs that I kick up at her. Then she goes around fluffing the snow up with her nose... too cute.
Corgis have a double coat like huskies. It is thought they might be from the same kind of northern breed family. Harp is the same way, she hates the heat and will not go out in it. Which can be hard because we have an old victorian with no A/C. So during fall and winter she is the happiest puppy ever. Especially when it snows.
Potus basically becomes catatonic once it gets over mid-30s celcius. He is much more active in winter, spring and autumn. He doesn't like water so much (he looks so sad when he's being bathed)


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