I would love to hear your opinions, and what you do for your dogs.  A neighbor of mine insists that my little guy should have a winter coat on when we go for our walks.  My understanding (I'm a new mom) is that corgis have 2 layers of fur, and are pretty well insulated.

He is never left outside, is only outside for walks, and I dry him off when he comes in.

What do you think?



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Mine come with their own built-in winter coats. :-)

A Corgi is an all-weather dog with a warm insulated water-repelling coat; unless it is sub-zero, yours should be fine. Just make sure you try to stay out of road salt, and wash his paws when he comes in if he needs to walk through treated areas at all.
Corgis have a thick downy undercoat which should keep him nice and warm on your walks. Besides those short little legs are working hard on those walks!!
There are several scenario where a corgi may need a coat:

1. If the corgi was shaved in the summer (don't ever do that) and the fur didn't grow back in time for winter.
2. Newborn corgi
3. Rain soaked corgi in winter

My Florida Corgis love their first winter in Canada (-4F), they love the snow, don't mind the wind. We also have members who live in Alaska, Alberta , and other colder climate area.
I think most times people put coats on their dogs just cause they think it looks cute. My aunts dog lives outside all year in Nebraska, she has a straw filled dog house, but she is fine. Now I am wondering what i am going to do this summer for mine cause she is already looking for shade when we go out and it is only Feb. LOL ( I live in Tucson) 76 yesterday
Mine prefer cold to hot anytime. I do put a coat on a couple of mine if the windchills are 10 below...but they don't need them! My rescue is very slender and has bad hips so I do for her just to keep her a little warmer.
No coat needed for mine- it gets cold where I live (minus degrees celcius) and he is fine. He gets wet too, but we usually head home when the rain starts and he gets dried off, which he loves (he will stand still when wet until you dry him off)
i wondered the same thing a wile back lol i bought a little coat for teddy but i dont think corgis need them unless its very very cold out. i put it on him a week ago when we had his first snow in SC but i dont think he needed it lol i just wanted to make sure he was warm:)
Algy LIKES to lay in snowbanks and have snow piled on him. He likes the cold.
It's also hard to roll as mine love to do if they have a coat on and this seems to be the 1st thing they do when they go out!

foam pad

An insulated pad is nice for when you stop.
Love, love, love this picture.
They have a natural coat! So no need. Mine love cool to cold weather and roll in it and shove their noses into snow while they play. It even takes a while for rain to penetrate to their skin due to the double coat.


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