Baden does this weird but adorable thing and i want to know if your corgis do it as well and what it means. whenever i come back from going to the gym in the morning Baden will grab one of his bones that he will ONLY chew if i am there and run to the spot where i do my sit ups in morning. he wraps around my head and will chew it until im done. its weird but cute and i dont get why he only chews his bones when im home, same thing for eating his regular meals. when i had a job he would wait until i got home so he would sit there and wait for 8 hours (also for kongs)

why does he do this?

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wow, no mine eat as soon as they are fed, they arent waiting for anyone, lol!!

Franklin does the same thing with his bones. I feed his breakfast as a kind of treat when I leave the house so he has learned to eat meals when I'm gone but will not touch any bones. When I used to keep him caged during the day he would not touch his Kongs or treat toys but once I started letting him loose he would eat the treat toys. 

Sully does the same thing, minus the wrapping around my head part. Not sure why. She will eat certain things, such as her regular meals, but she saves the things she prizes most, such as dog biscuits, for when I get home. Then, she runs over with the treat and eats it on my lap. when I get home. I always give her more than one treat so she usually brings one over to me, then she brings the other over for herself. She happily takes the treats when I leave, but she holds on to them for the big "reunion." Not sure what she is thinking?

Linus will not eat a thing when we're not home. If he's in the middle of a meal, he'll stop and not finish til we get back (to the point where if he's eating, we won't leave til he finishes). Lucy is only 10 weeks, so she'll still eat things when we are out.

Murray always saves his bone for when I get back home.

Oliver only chews when I'm home...I guess he's not a stress chewer...he's a happy chewer. Sounds like your boy is, too.:)

Blaidd does this too. I walked out the door of the kitchen just for a second the other day to take the trash out and he stopped eating until I came back in. And no matter what we give him to keep him occupied in his crate while we're gone (kong, bones, etc) he won't touch it after we leave the house. I don't think it's a separation anxiety thing with mine, but it is weird. He won't eat if I even leave the room. Our dachshund won't eat if we leave the house either. 

Mine not eat when there is food or treats on the floor?  I have tears running down my face from laughing.  But Max will bring my husband his chew bone every night when he gets home from work. If I am gone a long time he will also bring me a bone.

Izzy always races and gets her bone when my husband (her favorite) comes home.

Wynn will try to get my shoe off my foot or grab any available shoe and parade around the room with it. Actually Wynn has always had a "thing" for my shoes/feet. I chose him when I wanted a female because at 6 weeks when I went to pick out my female pup...he waddled up to me put his tiny head on my foot and proceeded to fall almost 9 years he still does this:) He does scare visitors with this action as he picks theirs up too and just wanders around. My main problem with this is having to find the pair that matches as he spreads them out in crates or beds and I have to hunt for them!

That's so adorable!
I can put treats a bone anything out when I go out and nup George won't eat I it until I come home...always thought it was weird


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