I found some recent emails from Franklin's breeder and was reading her description of him when I was trying to decide between him and his brother. I can't believe at how spot on her description of a 7 week old puppy was! He has turned out exactly how she described him! I had forgotten about that description of him, when I saw his picture it was love at first sight and I wanted him no matter what! Lol. Anyway here was part of it: 

 This litter Franklin was the first to do absolutely everything, 
1st to open eyes, 1st to play, 1st to eat dry food, although his sister
took notice and jumped right in after him. He was the 1st to climb the
step, to poop outside and first to go under the couch. He is the total
cuddle bug, and loves to nibble on your chin, he is a goof ball, [they
all are really] plays like a crazed maniac and drops off like a log when
he wants to sleep. He sleeps on his back a lot, and he barks at his
brothers for taking the toys.[incredibly cute]. With Franklin you should
be prepared for serious playtime, and expect him to sleep right on your
chest while you are holding him. So if you have decided on Franklin I say
great choice, he really is the over achiever of the litter and I think that
he may be the first dog to become a Doctor or the first canine president!

How accurate was your breeder's description of your pup?

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He sounds adorable, glad the description was accurate!

We went to a local breeder so we got to meet all the puppies and make our own observations about them, but the final choice was going to be the breeder's since she had to decide which puppy she was keeping and who the potential show dogs were. We were looking for a mellow puppy since we wanted to train ours to be a therapy dog, and we didn't intend to do any competing so it didn't matter if the puppy was show-quality. We preferred a male but would have been happy with a female too.

My husband had his eye on "Eli," the puppy with the most striking brindle markings, but the last time we visited, his brother, "Gordon" curled up in my lap and stole my heart. So I was thrilled when the breeder told us at 8 weeks that based on the temperament tests, she thought Gordon had the personality we were looking for. And she was right! 

Gordon, now called Oscar, is five months old, and everyone he meets tells us that he's remarkably calm for a puppy-- he's very friendly and has lots of energy but he doesn't get overly excited. He's such a sweetie! I love my corgi boy!

How nice to have a breeder that took the time to write to you and describe him so well.  That's my only complaint about the two breeders of our dogs, they aren't too big on communicating with us.  I asked questions as to which puppy they thought would be the best match for us but they weren't very helpful.  Don't get me wrong - they are great breeders but I guess they have so much on their plates and they have been breeding for so long that if they took the time to write about each dog and keep up with them all, they would be on the computer or phone all the time.  Who is the breeder of Franklin?

I didn't get any long descriptions because I showed up and they told me a few sentences about each dog as I met them one by one.  They were about 20 weeks old at the time.  Waffle jumped right in my lap and sat with me the whole time, and my breeders were honestly surprised!  "He's not usually that affectionate," they said.  I waffled (lol) on picking the one who sat with me vs the one who kinda schmoozed with everyone and looked prettier... I'm really glad I picked Waffle. Or, I guess he picked me. He's still only affectionate with me and not that much and not too often, but we're perfect for each other.

In my case, it was more that I gave long descriptions of what I was looking for.  I explained we live by a very busy park and so needed a dog who was confident enough not to be stressed by all the activity, but not so dominant as to be aggressive.  I also explained I had a lot of experience with dogs, but my husband is a pushover and so I needed a dog who would not be confused by having one who let him get away with everything and one who didn't.

About all she told me was she had two who met my description and both were males.  She said "nothing bothers him" about Jack.

Since I'd described my husband as being a pushover, I was secretly convinced she'd give me a very submissive puppy (which I'm not really a big fan of) but Jack was not that at all.  I brought him home, put him down in the backyard, and he promptly trotted around the house to head up the street and go exploring.  He cried for about five minutes the first time I crated him for the night, and that was the only time he cried.

He was here about a week and we were out early on a Sunday morning.  The National Guard was doing drills, and about 20 or so guardsmen came jogging up the hill by the house, with commanders shouting encouragement.  I thought "I wonder what my pup will think of this?"   I expected him to duck behind me, but he went right out front wagging and grinning, convinced all these men were running up to see him.

From day 1 he loved every dog and every person he met.

So by "nothing bothers him" she meant that he was confident enough to take on the world.   

She gave me exactly the dog I described to her.  

I remember Bella's breeder talking about what a sweetheart and nice little pup she was and how patient she was...6 years later she still is the same as when we got her...best temperament, gentle and always waits for her turn!

Oscar was the only male in the litter of 7 puppies he was ruled by females till he was 12 weeks old!. He then came to a household of 2 Dads and 3 Brothers (Burmese Cats) he came into his own and stole our heart!. He was a well behaved puppy he hated loud noises the first week he was home I was out mowing the lawn Ian let him out to explore I started the lawn mower up and off he went he wanted to eat the tires I stopped the mower and put it away. I thought he had gone back inside with Ian. I got he blower out to blow the leaves and mess off the driveway I flicked the on switch just as Oscar came around the corner of the house he tore off up onto the back verandah and hid is his new kennel that I might add he only ever slept in once I had to coax him out with treats and cuddles and spent the next hour trying to reasure him the blower and the lawn mower was not the enemy!. Squeaky toys hates them with a passion the mailman on his motorbike used to torment Oscar on a daily basis till after witnessing this for an entire week I complained and the postman was moved elsewhere!. I found out later he hated dogs period!. I have found out Oscar maybe rather sexist no offence to the ladies out there but Oscar seems to like men better than women don't get me wrong he does not hate them or show any malice or aggression whatsoever he just prefers Men to ladies!. Oscar loves kids and other animals he is always smiling and never seems to be bothered about things. his perception of people is amazing he has an amazing ability to know when someone is down or unhappy and has a knack of getting a person out of that state and laughing and playing around.

Don't get me wrong Oscar is no saint but the firm word and tone to No! he knows what that means!. Would I be without him in my life Hell NO!!! I He is just over 10 and I worry about if he wasn't around how would I cope?. I hope this does not happen for a while and he stays the healthy, bumptious, non judgemental cuddly teddy bear I have always known him as!!!.

Oscar's Dad Brian

I was looking at an old email Murray's breeder sent me with puppy pix and under Murray's she said "he is getting to be quite a handful".  When I went to see the puppies and she let them out to play, he took off with a stuffed toy in his mouth and the others in hot pursuit.  Periodically he would pause long enough in his keep away game to come over and jump on my leg for a quick pet then off he'd go again.  It was love at first sight for both of us.  His favorite game is still keep away or tag and his favorite toys are still stuffed and he's still a "handful".

That is wonderful that your breeder gave you such a great description of him! I do think puppies display many traits from the beginning that indicate their potential and obviously Franklin got the "Mom" he needed too. I know with my Izzy I described what I was looking for because I was bringing her into a home with an adult dog already. The breeder said I have one left over that maybe perfect but if you don't want an older puppy you can be on the list for my next litter. We went to see Izzy and fell in love so home with us she went. I see now in hindsight that she was perfect. She is confident but still submissive and very easy going with a need to be liked by everyone. My adult corgi was very dominant and a pup that challenged him would have been too much. My husband and I were still reeling by the sudden loss of our other corgi and a puppy that wanted us to love her was so easy. She has been a wonderful "left over" puppy and we could not be happier.

I think I am in the minority here- Jeff is not at all how I thought he would be! The breeder stated she only raised working dogs, but she had one who was much more laid back and would be a good house dog/pet. I gave a detailed description of what my lifestyle and personality was like, and all I got was a "he'd be perfect for you!" 

However, Jeff was quiet and calm for a day or two before he went crazy :) He's very full of energy, is pretty dominant, and won't stop until he gets his way! Of course I love him to death, but it was just a bit surprising!

thats a great description on Franklin! for the breeder we got teddy from (R.I.P) she was dead on. she said he was super affectionate and very out going and that nothing bothered him at all while his bothers were more intimidated and submissive towards new things. teddy would walk up to whatever he seen new with curiosity. she had also said that he knew who the boss was and would listen to u intently for whatever u were trying to teach him such as going potty outside. she was very right about that as he would do anything u asked him to do. he was the best puppy i ever had and he NEVER whined in his crate from even day one (i sure miss him)

after discussing what personality we were looking in a pup she knew from 4 weeks what pup would be perfect for us and that of course was baden. he is very energetic and not scared of anything and very obedient. he will walk up to anyone, dogs, people, kids, cats without fear. even loud things dont scare him.

she said that he was the first for everything just like how your breeder described for franklin. there was a little red and white female she also set aside for us that she thought would be a good fit but when we went into the separate room with her to interact without all the other pups at 6 weeks she wanted nothing to do with us and she said that shes normally not like that so we knew that it just wasnt meant to be with her. on the other hand when we were alone with baden he wanted affection from me and after playing with him i knew he was my pup. after all i got to hold and see him just a few days after birth <3 debbie knew what i was looking for and took pictures for us every week and we went over to visit as well. it was very nice to watch baden grow into the great guy he is now. she had also warned us hes VERY vocal. he barks a lot and expresses how hes feeling though grunts and noises and every time he yawns he does the  aROOOO sound which he has done since 3weeks old. she was a great breeder and was very happy she let me visit so much just to see him. its amazing how in just a week how much they change

I don't have my little Arrietty yet, but the breeder told me she's basically the "princess" of the litter; very demure, likes to be with someone most of the time, and while she does play, she's a little more independent, doesn't much like to be jumped on and would happily spend all her time cuddling with her human.
I don't know if this will change, but when we went to visit all the puppies, she spent most of the time we were with her in my lap or my friend's lap. And while most of the others would squirm to get free and run around, or run off as soon as you let go of them, she stayed in my lap when I let go, and when I actually put her on the ground in front of me, she just kind of sniffed around me a bit and sat down.
I'm also told she's a bit stubborn and that while all the others come running when called, she just kind of sits there and stares as if to say, "But, I'm right here..." or "Perhaps, but you'll have to come get me."

I can't wait to bring her home and see how she is otherwise, and how her personality develops. :)


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