I never realized just how responsible my boys were until this week.  Last week I had a full knee replacement. Since returning home from the hospital this weekend they have selfishly taken time from their busy schedule to sleep on the bed next to me while I spend hours attached to the CPM (knee bending) machine.  They help clean every dish (empty or not) so Dad has an easier time in the kitchen. They follow me and the walker around the house and encourage me to test my balance skills at the two cookie bowls we pass. They help with my physical therapy by helping me move my good and bad leg to get around them in bed. My boys, without them who knows how long my recovery would take.



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Glad you are getting all the help you need!  They are marvelous aren't they in all they do for us.  They could be a little taller tho then a walker wouldn't be needed.  But they will also you keep from exceeding the speed limit with the walker.  When I needed the walker after my back surgery the resident dogs and cats acted as speed bumps.

Hope your recovery goes quickly and without incident.

What would we ever do without our pets, right? :)  I posted this picture in another thread earlier today, but this is what happened when I was stuck in bed for nearly a week with a double ear infection:

Nearly every movement caused horrible dizziness and nausea, but my furry little nurses kept me company the entire time.  They fluffed my blankets for me (as shown) and let me know when the neighbors were coming and going from their homes.  Ellie even (selflessly!) licked a plate clean when I left the room to get something to drink.  So helpful!  :)

Teddy was the best thing for my mom when she had her knee replacement in February, especially when I had to go back to work. She developed a hematoma and had an extended bed rest. He kept her company and when she needed me, he would go to the top of the stairs (main floor master and lower level den and my room) and bark and bark and bark until I appeared. Even now, when my mom says my name and I'm not near, Teddy will run and find me and tell me I'm needed.

  Corgis are so helpful!  That's why we love them so much!  I am sorry that you had to have knee surgery.  I hope you have a quick recovery!

They sure do try to be helpful. I always think of the people that don't/can't have animals to help them feel better and I feel sorry for them. Hope you have a speedy recover...it's sounds like you're in very good paws!

And, judging from your sense of humor, they obviously make you laugh.  We all know laughter is the best medicine! Your speedy recovery is ensured (just don't trip over them....)

Chepstow will get out of my way IF I gently nudge him with the walker.  Tenby does have more of the speed bump mentality.  When I get close I get the go over or around look, and I go around.

They have won the heart of my physical therapist, she started bring them cookies the 2nd day. After they get the appropriate meet and greet time they lay down and she is free to "kill" me with exercises and knee manipulations.

You're hilarious !  We should all be thankful we have Corgis that can act as our nurses when we need them !  LOL

I'm glad to hear the surgery went well and you're on the mend !


Glad to hear your surgery went well and hope you mend fast. It is amazing what great company they are isn't it? I laughed at the part about the dishes..I love to tell people that Izzy cleans them so well we don't even have to wash them. I get some funny looks!

Yesterday afternoon Roger gave me a plate of apple quarters and slices of cheese. Hooked me up for my two hour stint on the CPM than left to go play 9 holes.  Cheese and apples are my dogs favorite foods.  So here I am with my leg strapped into the machine and a corgi sitting one on each side of me.

One could suggest they were encouraging and supporting me as the machine bent my 8 day old knee replacement to a 95 degree bend, then back to a -8 degree.  The truth must come out...they are corgi's all the wanted was my apples and cheese.  Of course I shared!

Yeah...well, it was either share or face certain dismemberment.

And the copayment for all of this in home rehab therapy is just a belly rub and some apple and cheese!


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