i have no idea what is causing this but i need some help. Baden has NO fleas but yet is scratching him self like crazy all day and night. i gave him an oatmeal bath and that calmed his skin down for a few hours but hes right back at it. his whole body is pink and inflamed (belly, ears, paws, back) his whole body is just irritated and hes so miserable :( hes not allergic to his food so i know its not that.

i had someone watch him last week and he came back itching but i assumed it was fleas but during his bath i found no evidence. even so i put flea killer in the carpet just to be safe. the cat isnt itching but hes still very itchy. any idea how to give my poor boy some relief?

hes scratching so much hes got sores on his belly and hind legs. i put some A&D ointment on it which deters him from chewing and will also help heal the sores. i have never dealt with this before and i just dont get what it could be 

UPDATE: so after a week and seeing the vet, Baden still has itchy red skin. hes miserable and the benadryl helps (which the vet said to keep doing)  but the moment i think everything is ok his skin flairs up again and goes mad itching and chewing himself. the vet gave him some shampoo (once a week) and lotion that i have to apply 2Xs a day and that has proven to be a nightmare because he HATES the smell and so do i. it smells so bad, like pinsol and bleach is what i reminds me of. so i am looking for a new shampoo, spray, pill, anything to help him. hes so miserable and i dont understand what i am doing wrong. i even went and got coconut oil and put it on his skin but all he did was lick it off. should i try aloe vera? shea butter? im cruising though chewy.com and found some shampoos that might help him but before i spend money i am asking what have u used to help your fur babies?

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That happens to Sully on occasion. Once it was so bad I took her to the vet. She thought it may be grass pollen. I does happen more often in warm weather during pollen season, but it sometimes happens if she eats something new. I tried Prednisone once which was Hell on both of us. Now she takes 25 mg. of Benadryl as needed and I wipe her down with a face cloth and Apple Cider Vinegar every time she goes out. I really seems to help. I'm guessing she was exposed to some new food item or something in the environment with the dog sitters. If so it should clear up soon, if you can keep her from scratching. Over the winter my neighbor gave me some coconut oil for Sully's ice cracked paws. I plan to try it on her legs and stomach if she has trouble this spring. It is actually very thick and nontoxic in case she licks it. It really helped her paws.

This happens to our dog Watson occasionally. It took a while but we finally narrowed it down to the pinesol we use to mop the floors if he walks through it when wet. Perhaps something similar happened at your friends house?

thank you for suggesting that, i asked her and she said no but i never would of thought of that causing issues

So glad he's feeling better. There is an ointment for wound care you can order online if it persists. It is meant for skin conditions in large farm animals but safe for small animals and humans. Smells HORRIBLE, but seems to work quickly. It's called Nu-Stock and it's safe for anything from cats to cattle. Smells like Pinesol, only worse. Non-toxic I believe, not that any creature would lick it. It could also be a yeast infection which needs a different type of cream, but I think that is less likely unless it is really hot and humid. It sounds like this is behind you at least and you guys at least got some relief!

do u know what it was called? his skin is flaring up again out of the blue even after seeing the vet :(

Glad to see he's better! Was going to suggest Benadryl but see others did first.

My holistic vet prescribed a shampoo and spray called DOUXO. Also, coconut oil as a treat, a teaspoon a day, could help.

i heard about coconut oil to be good for them, i started giving it to him in the morning. he kinda likes it but i think its strange to him right now lol i even put some on his skin and it helped at bit but it did stain our furniture :/ but in the end as long as its helping him ill put sheets on the couches

Rebecca,  I did not notice did you try eliminating some things from his diet to rule out food allergies? After doing that with Sparty we determined it was not food and had him allergy tested. They determined that he had many allergies and developed a serum based on his allergies. We gave him allergy shots for the rest of his life. He did very well on them with a few rare fall episodes where we had to supplement.

i wondered if it was his food but hes been on the same kibble for a few months and i rotate the flavors. he is eating natures variety kibble and the flavor he was on at the time was lamb and oatmeal so i think ill go back to venison and barley  to see if its an oatmeal allergy


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